Interval Run: Training for a Faster 5K: Part 2

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Hi Everyone!

I am still training on improving my speed so I can run a faster 5K. Last week I shared: Interval Workout to Begin Building Running Speed and Endurance.

This week, we are taking the same concept and basic foundation that we used in last week’s run, & increasing the amount of time spent running at and slightly faster than our desired race pace. I am going to use the paces I did during my run as an example, but it’s important to adjust your speed based on your current skill level and desired pace.

To improve your 5K speed you need to spend time teaching your body to run at faster paces. After initiating the speed training, the next focus is to increase your endurance at that pace. Running a 5K has two components: Speed & Maintaining that Speed/Endurance over a set amount of time.

track run

*400 Meters is one lap around a Standard Track. 200 Meters is Half a Lap Around a Standard Track.
Keep Rest breaks short in between reps, but allow your breathing to recover.

The Basic Workout:

  • Warm-Up Run at a Comfortable Pace
  • 400 Meter (.25 Mile) Repeats at Goal Race Pace X4
  • 200 Meter (.13 Mile) Repeats Slightly Faster Than Goal Race Pace  X4.
  • Cool Down Run at Comfortable Pace

I completed this workout on the Treadmill. These are the exact Paces I used, with the treadmill speeds. A treadmill takes some time to ramp up, so I adjusted the speeds to be a little bit faster to account for the slower time as the treadmill starts.

My Paces for This Workout:

Warm-Up: 1 Mile Run (7:58) – Speed 7.6 on Treadmill

400 Meter (.25 Mile) Repeats at Speed 8.7:

Interval 1: 1 Minute, 43 Seconds
Interval 2: 1 Minute, 43 Seconds
Interval 3: 1 Minute, 45 Seconds
Interval 4: 1 Minute, 42 Seconds

200 Meter (.13 Mile) Repeats-Speed Increased from 9.5-10.0

Interval 1: 49 Seconds (9.5 Speed)
Interval 2: 50 Seconds (9.7 Speed)
Interval 3: 47 Seconds (10.0 Speed)
Interval 4: 46 Seconds (10.0 Speed)

Cool Down: 1 Mile Run (7:58)-Speed 7.6 on Treadmill

Total Distance: 3.52 Miles
Total Running Time: 25 Minutes, 5 Seconds

I hope you all enjoy this workout! Let me know how you like it, and what your race goals are. You can leave a comment below, or on my Facebook page.

Have Fun!

PS This workout is based on a workout designed for me by my favorite Running Guru: Ed Shephard (Shep). He is a great Cross Country and Track Coach. He has coached many individual runners and running teams to Championships. Shep was Jesse’s running coach in High School. Both Shep & Jesse are Collegiate Level Athletic Hall of Fame Runners. If you have more running questions please let me know, and I will pass them on to Jesse & Shep.

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6 thoughts on “Interval Run: Training for a Faster 5K: Part 2

  1. Terri

    Thanks for the speed training workout. I am trying to do the same…improve my 5k time. I think we run about the same pace currently . My PB is 23:10 and I want to ( and should be able to) get closer to 22:30. Can I ask what your rest in between looked like? Did you walk or jog and for how long? I think this is where I may ease up a bit…thanks for your insights! Terri

    • benderfitness

      We are right at the same pace! My best is 23:00, and I can run in the 21-22 range when I am not racing. It just doesn’t seem to happen for me on race days. For this one we did Equal Walking Recovery. For the Week 1 Run we did jogging recovery back to the starting line.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks! I did the workout and walked for about 1:30 in between the 400s..tried to jog but I was toast:). Thanks for posting these workouts as they are helpful and motivating !


  3. Yaffa

    Hi, thanks for the amazing workouts! How long am i resting b/t repeats and is it a walk or jog?
    also is your distance on your treadmill set to kilometers or miles ?

    • benderfitness

      My treadmill is set to miles. Rest breaks will vary in length person to person. You are waiting for your breathing to recover, but if you prefer you can do timed rest intervals. I vary the rest: some days I do full rest, other times I do a jogging recovery.

      This workout I did on the treadmill, and did full rest (not jogging) in between intervals. I kept my breaks short, and as soon as my breathing was back to normal I went into the next rep.

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