10 Minute: Tighter Waist Core Workout

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Hi Everyone!

This workout is focused on strengthening and toning the core, and creating a leaner/tighter waist. I chose several moves that utilize the deep abdominal muscles. 

The deep abdominal muscles act like a muscular corset to create a leaner and stronger mid-section. When combined with cardio this is a really great workout for strengthening and sculpting your abs. 

I paired this workout with a run. I was planning on filming a new workout tonight, but I forgot that Jesse is taking our nephew to his first Hockey game! I am two days away from my half marathon so I only did one round of this workout, and paired it with an easy paced run, and 4 two minute intervals at my desired race pace. The week of a race it’s important to keep your body feeling fresh, without overdoing the mileage or the intensity. 

If you aren’t a runner I listed a cardio option below, or you can pair this with one of my Cardio Workouts for a bonus cardio challenge. 

See you tomorrow!

PS You can also find me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Jesse has also been posting Sneak Peek workout videos on his Instagram account. 

PPS This workout outfit is from Affitnity. You can get 15% off any purchase by using the code BenderFitness at checkout! 

Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Repeat 1-4X

Set your Interval Timer for 10 rounds of 10/50 seconds.  

*Optional Cardio Boost: Set your Interval Timer for 20 rounds of 10/50 seconds and add 50 seconds of mountain climbers, high knees, or jump rope in between each exercise.  

1. Plank
2. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
3. Side Plank Reach (right)
4. Side Plank reach (left)
5. Temple Tap Abs
6. V-Up Twist
7. Reach Through
8. Leg Lift
9. Hip Lift
10. Crunch and Tap

3 thoughts on “10 Minute: Tighter Waist Core Workout

  1. Anonymous

    Probably some where in this amazing website but I would love to know what you would recommend for someone (me for example) who is trying to get in shape yet not lose weight, i’m thin to the eye but I am very out of shape. I just want to make sure that I don’t begin working out and lose instead of gaining muscle and as far meals also what would be good and when would be good to eat. this would help so much! thank you.

  2. Anonymous

    i’ve been working out since 2008. i don’t lose weight that easily but i gained strength and i’m in the best of shape of my life. don’t blame exercising for loosing weight or gaining weight. just do it, it is one of the best natural remedies for human sickness in this modern age. start now and just do it!

  3. Adriana Veltre

    Melissa I have been working out with you for a month! I love ur workouts I have been pushing for 2 rounds each time! Jesse and you crack me up!! I love ur conversations! He is super funny!! Yw in advance Jessie! Lol but, Ty for all you do! Xoxox

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