DietBet Challenge Day 4: Dumbbell Legs and Glutes

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Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to Day 4 of the DietBet Challenge! You can still sign up for the challenge and your chance to win your portion of the Jackpot (which is over $13000!) at

Today’s workout is all about the lower body. I did this workout for reps and one round took me about 30 minutes. You can choose to repeat the workout or pair it with some gentle cardio (about 30 minutes). 

In this workout I use dumbbells, but I also demonstrate body weight variations for each exercise. If you’re ready to increase the challenge try adding some weight. Always choose a weight that you can use while maintaining good form. 

If you don’t have weights it’s okay! You can still get in a great workout! 

I hope you enjoy Day 4! Don’t forget to check in! The daily check-ins are a great way to stay motivated and accountable for your workout. You can check in on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. All you have to do is comment, like the post, or tag in in a picture of you (or your weights, etc) once you have completed the workout!

Have fun!

10-20 Reps Each Exercise

1. Squat or Deadlift
2. Split Squat (right)
3. Split Squat (left)
4. Burpee Tuck Jump or Bear Complex
5. Side Lunge Lift (right)
6. Side Lunge Lift (left)
7. Chair Lunge Twist
8. Burpee Tuck Jump or Bear Complex
9. Curtsy Lunge Twist (right)
10. Curtsy Lunge Twist (left)
11. Deadlift or Flat Back Lift
12. Burpee Tuck Jump or Bear Complex
13. Flying Seagull (right)
14. Flying Seagull (left)
15. Dancing Goddess

2 thoughts on “DietBet Challenge Day 4: Dumbbell Legs and Glutes

  1. Awesome workout…the flying seagulls were the death of me…super super challenging…but hey…it will get better next time…thanks for being so down to earth…sweating and breathing hard like the rest of us….keep up good work!

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