30 Day: Sculpted Abs Challenge

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Hi Everyone!
Welcome to the 30 Day Sculpted Abs Challenge! 
I will be posting new workouts and challenge moves through the month, but this is a great reference list to bookmark and use so you never miss a day. 
Below are 30 Different Core/Ab Focused Workouts. You can add any of these workouts to your normal routine or use them as your workout for the day. 
As always, listen to your body. Even through this challenge is focused on the core I will be incorporating full body workouts throughout the month. A strong core is the foundation of your strength. Take rest days as needed throughout the month, and focus on making healthy food choices. 
Don’t forget to have fun! You can check in with your progress during the challenge on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  A strong core will make you more effective during all of your workouts!

18 thoughts on “30 Day: Sculpted Abs Challenge

  1. I love the way you set this challenge up. I love the fact that everyday is already organized and ready to go! Thanks for challenging me and setting up all my workouts. I really appreciate everything you and your husband do!

  2. Sara

    I just finished this amazing ab challenge. It was not easy but I feel my core getting stronger. As a runner it’s important to have a string core. Thanks Melissa for all that you do. I love your videos.

  3. Jane

    I have just completed the 30 days sulpted abs challenge! I have also done your original and new thirty day challenges. 10 week boot camp challenge starts tomorrow! You have transformed my body and my energy levels! Thank you! Jane, UK

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Melissa. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your site and your AMAZING workouts! I can’t even begin to tell you how much you have transformed my life. I’m a busy mom of 2 kids, I work full time and I’ve been looking for effective, challenging workouts for a while. Your site gives me hope. I was half way through the original 30 day challenge when I discovered I have diastasis recti 3 fingers wide. I’m aware certain exercises could make it worse. I am learning about exercises that could possibly repair it, however I still want to maintain a fit body. Are there any of your challenges that are diastasis friendly? Thank you

    • benderfitness

      I would have to go through and check the specific exercises. I have been planning on writing a post about Diastasis Recti, so thank you for giving me the extra incentive to get it done! The pregnancy safe core modifications I have done in recent videos are all Diastasis safe and actually work on preventing/repairing them. I will also be filming a pregnancy core workout, which will also include exercises designed to prevent/heal diastasis.

  5. I have been running half-marathon races but recently I took a break. The break took longer than expected. I gained a lot and felt out of shape to run half-marathons again. I encountered this 30 Day Core Challenge. I think this will help me get back on track. I love it that it’s organized. It’s totally no brainer just the will power to get it done. Thanks Mellisa! You inspire me to be healthy again. It is also very generous of you to do all these for free. More power to you! I encouraged my family and friends to follow you.

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