30 Day Challenge: Day 5: Yoga Flow

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Hi Everyone!

Today is Day 5 of the 30 Day Challenge. On Thursday night’s I teach a yoga class, so I got in a great yoga flow today, and exceeded the 15 minutes of exercise for the challenge. 

I was planning on filming tonight, but we had a friend stop over so I attached a yoga video that I filmed about a month ago. It’s a 30 minute yoga flow, or you can pick on of the 30 workouts listed here that range between 15-25 minutes. 

Why do yoga? Yoga promotes flexibility, increased blood flow, decreased chance of injury, and lubricates your joints. Also, depending on the type of flow it can be a great active recovery day from your harder workouts. 

Enjoy and get ready for some good workouts this weekend! The challenge continues!


PS The check-ins are motivating a lot of people (including me) to participate and stick with the workouts so be sure to keep checking in! You can comment, like, or tag pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I want to know how you’re feeling and if you’re sticking with the challenge. 🙂

Other Yoga Flows can be found Here

20 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day 5: Yoga Flow

  1. Hi Melissa! Just wanted to say thank you for your workouts. I love that they are short and effective. I do them while my one year old is napping and it is so helpful not having to leave home. I love your teaching style! Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  2. As a college student who enjoys outdoor activities but indoor workouts, it’s nice to work out in the comfort of my own home and not be in the gym with all the stinky guys! Thanks for motivating me to stay healthy and to keep moving. I started the challenge a few days late but I’m going strong so far!

  3. I didn’t get to do day 5 yesterday when I got home from work, so I went to the gym and redid day 4. I’m hoping to do day 5 and 6 tonight. My back and hammies are still tight from days 2 and 3 hahaha! But I love your workouts! I don’t always like going to the gym; mainly when there’s other people there. So I’m glad I’ve finally found an at home workout that works. Thank you!

  4. Okay I finally did this one… the length of time was setting me back (I’m currently doing an 8 week program with this challenge as well) I worked ahead and came back to do it… 🙂 I needed it too… my muscles were sore!

  5. WOW! I love this challenge!!! I didn’t have weights for day 4 so I pick out one of your other works out that seem just as intense and it worked great! I have so much more energy since I’ve started this work out!! I also follow each work out with a 15min run! now onto day 5! again thank you for taking your time to post the videos!

  6. Chris

    I am loving it all!! Have completed each day. The short 15-20 mins. Sessions entice me to get started and then I usually do another round of something ….. Thank you!

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