Mango Spinach Smoothie

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Hi Everyone!

My love for Green Smoothies is no secret. I have already shared recipes for: Cool Melon SmoothieGreen Smoothie: She-Hulk Style and Filling Green Endurance Smoothie

Today’s smoothie features Mango, Pear and Spinach. 

Ingredients: (Serves 2)
1 Mango
1 Pear
2-3 Cups Fresh Spinach
2 Cups Ice
1/2 cup Coconut Water (optional)

For a Creamier High Protein version of this Smoothie add the following:
1/2 cup Coconut Milk (or milk of choice)
1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

Combine all ingredients in blender until desired consistency is achieved. Drink and enjoy!

Lean Active 7 Vanilla Protein:

Protein Mango Spinach Smoothie (left) and Mango Spinach Smoothie

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