Day 1: 1 Month Tighten Up Diet Challenge

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Hi Everyone!

Today is the first day of my 1 Month Tighten Up Diet Challenge

I was successful in my first day without sweets. I wasn’t craving anything so today wasn’t very difficult. I had a lot of fruit and vegetables in my today. I am trying to avoid refined sugars as much as possible. There were still some refined sugars, but overall I felt that it was a good day. 

I eat throughout the day. I am hungry every few hours, so I listen to my body and eat. It’s a Meatless Monday so it was also a vegetarian day for me. 

Jesse and I both started the Ab challenge with a bang. It was a tough workout! Check out the breakdown here: Ab Fat Torcher: Interval Abs

Overall it was a successful day! Jesse loves the fact that he didn’t make any excuses to skip his core workout today. “A step in the right direction, is worth more than 10 steps in the wrong direction.” I feel great. My energy and mood have been good all day. 

Here is my meal breakdown:

(Egg Sandwich)
Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin
Egg Whites
1/3 Aldi Happy Farms Spreadable Cheese Wedge
Coffee with Unsweetened Coconut Milk

AM Snack:
Granny Smith Apple

Fresh Baby Spinach
Cherry Tomatoes (about 8)
Sliced Cucumber
Fresh Cut Pineapple (about 1 cup)
2 Stalks of Celery
Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt (I used Natural PB instead of Jif)

After Work Snack:
Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal
Coconut Milk
Coffee with 1/2 cup Silk Iced Coffee mixed in
1/2 Banana with 1 tablespoon natural PB
Mixed Nuts

Pre-Workout Meal:
1/2 Avocado
1 Egg
2 Cherry Tomatoes (sliced)
Shredded Baby Spinach

Baked Avocado and Egg with Tomatoes and Spinach

Whole Wheat Penne Pasta
Marinara Sauce
Artichoke Hearts (3)

Pasta served on a salad plate so the portion seems larger. 

Between 8-10 8oz glasses

Alkalinity Fuel

Calories: 2088
Carbs: 325 grams
Fat: 63 grams
Protein: 95 grams
Fiber: 54 grams

*The totals are approximate, as measured on I did not officially measure portion sizes, but I made my estimates based on serving sizes. 

7 thoughts on “Day 1: 1 Month Tighten Up Diet Challenge

  1. I’m on board too! Did the 23 min HIIT video on Sunday…way harsh. But loved the sweat! Thanks Melissa. You’re my motivation to compete in my first competition in 2014!

  2. Hi Melissa…I’m on board too 🙂 I did my turbo fire along with your Love HIIT 10 minute dumbbell workout. Your workouts are amazing, my goal is to get back to my pre-pregnancy body.

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