Ab Fat Torcher: Interval Abs

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is a 10 Minute Core workout. 

It was intense! There were a few exercises where I hit my limit today. This workout helps tone your tummy from every angle. It’s a great one to improve strength and definition throughout the abdomen. 

Jesse also went through this workout today. We followed it up with a 3.6 mile run outside. The rain turned into blue skies and we couldn’t resist the call of the great outdoors. 🙂 

My first day of the diet challenge went very well! Check out day one of my July food log: Day 1 Food Log: Abs Are Made in the Kitchen Remember, this isn’t a diet. I am sharing my normal eating habits (minus the sweets). If you have any fun healthy recipes you think I would like feel free to share them here or on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/MelissaBenderFitness

Enjoy the workout!

1. Supergirl Heel Tap (right)
2. Supergirl Heel Tap (left)
3. Hip Lift
4. Rock the Boat
5. Twisting Knee Drop Plank
6. Temple Tap Abs
7. Side Plank Leg Lift (right)
8. Side Plank Leg Lift (left)
9. Toe Tap Crunch
10. Ab Wringer

5 thoughts on “Ab Fat Torcher: Interval Abs

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Melissa! So excited to find u posted a ab focused workout today to go along with your challenge this month! I too am following it along with u and had a great first day!! I will work this one in tomorrow as I just seen it and it is 1 am in the morning right now. I try preview the workout I will be doing for the next day so i know what to expect 🙂 I did get in one of your core focused w/o today where u used your ball..it was great! My ABS are so sore! I have a feeling they are going to be screaming tomorrow too after this one 🙂 …night

  2. Greetings from Finland Melissa! Thanks for the great ab workout! Love your blog and cheerful attitude! I don’t have timer so it’s nice to work out with You and your timer 🙂

  3. Vikki

    this is by far one of my favorite ab workouts. I have it bookmarked and do it almost weekly. now if I could only get abs like yours. I am at a disadvantage though bc I have already had 3 kids before starting to follow you!!

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