10 Minute Cardio Smash: HIIT

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Hi Everyone!

Tonight’s workout is a 10 Minute HIIT Cardio Blast. There is a focus on the large muscles of the lower body, which leads to major calorie/fat torching. It was a fun, and challenging 10 minute workout. 

I warmed up with a 1 mile run on the treadmill, and followed this workout with 2.1 miles. I stuck to a comfortable pace. For me that meant I ran 8 minute miles. You know you’re doing a comfortable pace if you can carry on a conversation while you run. 

I have not been as consistent with my workouts lately, and I definitely felt it during tonight’s interval. I am super motivated and excited to get back on track. Jesse and I are done house hunting (YAY!), so I will have my workout time back in my schedule. As long as inspections, etc, go smoothly we will be closing on our new house at the end of July. 🙂 

I am excited to see my fitness level improve again, and get some more of my tone/definition back. 

I hope you all enjoy the workout!

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Max reps during each 50 second interval, 10 seconds of rest between exercises. 

Warm up: 1 mile run, or 10 minutes jump rope or cardio of choice

1. Frog Hopper
2. Jump Squat Turn
3. 3 Way Plank
4. Right Leg Hop Press
5. Left Leg Hop Press
6. Single Leg Frogger Pushup
7. Squat Jacks
8. Single Leg Hip Thrust
9. High Knees
10. Burpee

Cardio: 2 mile run, or 15-20 minutes cardio of choice

10 thoughts on “10 Minute Cardio Smash: HIIT

  1. Hang in there Melissa, everything will unfold perfectly.
    You give us fabulous workouts Melissa and I am always grateful. I am in Month 3 of your bikini comp workouts and Im lovn it and seeing results. With all that said, I did one workout out of the month and wanted more do I did your workout for today. LOVED IT!
    Take a break (if u want) we have hundreds of your effective workouts to do.
    Thank you, thank you.

  2. A very effective one thios time thanks a lot for everything you and your hubby do. 🙂 🙂 Good luck with the move it is really hard I believe. Greetings from Lithuania, G.

  3. Anonymous

    I love your videos, Melissa — but can you please, please, please, have the cameraman be quiet? There are tons of comments about this on your youtube page. I know some people find it cute, but think of it this way: none of them are going to stop watching your videos if he stops talking, but some of us will (and probably have already) stop watching if his commentary doesn’t stop. I watch many workout channels, and the cameraman never does this. If Jessie wants to be a star too, then let him film more of his own videos, so we have the choice to watch or skip. As it is now, his comments as you work out are really off-putting to many of us, and make working out to your videos less pleasant. I know he’s your husband, but can you please just have him stop, for the good of your channel? — A disappointed fan

    • Anonymous

      Really? I have never responded to any comments but thought this was offbase. Jesse is obviously an integral part of the team and I don’t find him distracting. Next you’ll be complaining about the cat!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes really. Check the comments on her youtube videos: many people feel the same way. He may be an integral part of the team — but his comments, laughter, etc. are not integral. You are honestly going to tell me that you’d stop working out to Melissa’s videos if he stopped talking from behind the camera? Really?

      And no, the cat is unobtrusive. Jesse is obtrusive. There’s a huge difference.

    • This is Melissa & Jesse’s working – if you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

      Your comments are rude. THEY are providing YOU workouts for FREE. If you don’t like the noise, turn off the sound. Argue all you want about youtube viewers, also receiving FREE workouts, who are often also rude, cruel and demanding of people providing a free service which takes their valuable time. There are plenty of annoying resource sites full of commentary out there.

      There are also plenty of ungrateful viewers.

    • Anonymous

      Same question: would you stop watching if Jesse didn’t make comments in the background? Do you think anyone watches her videos *because* of him?

      Whether or not viewers have to pay for the content, Melissa is building a brand for herself. More viewers = a bigger brand = more monetization of that brand. (Don’t some of the videos have ads?)

      Even if we don’t pay for it, we are consumers of her brand. We have every right to comment on what we do and don’t like, or what is stopping us from enjoying that brand. There was nothing rude in any of those posts.

      If you’re making youtube videos, you presumably want people to watch them. Doesn’t it sort of make sense to pay a little bit of attention to what your viewers do and don’t like?

  4. Hi Melissa,
    I commented on another one of your workouts but it was one from last year so i thought i would post the comment on a more resent post just in case you missed it.
    I really love your workouts they are awesome and keep me motivated to exercise!! I am a swimmer and have been my whole life. I have sensitive shoulders from previous injury and I am wondering if there is an exercise you recommend for strengthening my shoulders. A lot of the plank exercises are hard for me to hold myself up that long. Its hard for me to get all i can out of the exercise because my shoulders hurt so much. Thank you so much! God Bless!


  5. Anonymous

    Did this workout and the previous day workout together – awesome! Just so you know, my 31/2 year old daughter was drawing a picture of me with the help of her grandma today. My daughter drew a line down each of my “arms” and when grandma asked what those were she said “Mommy’s muscles” :). So thank you, Melissa.
    Sarah J

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