Weighted Weekday Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Tonight’s workout is a full body workout. I used two 20 lb dumbbells, but all of the exercises can also be performed with body weight, or the weight of your choice. It is important to work at your own level. Select a weight that is challenging for you, but allows you to maintain proper form throughout each exercise. 

Jesse and I followed this workout with a 3.5 mile run. We took it at a slower pace than normal, because we wanted it to be a recovery run. Tomorrow I am planning a higher intensity workout day and Jesse is doing another trail run. 

If you haven’t tried yesterday’s yoga workout yet you can find it here: Yoga Flow Workout: Lean Stretch Fat Burn

See you tomorrow!

This workout can be repeated 1-3X. 

1. Man Maker
2. Single Leg Squat (right)
3. Single Leg Squat (left)
4. Down Dog Drag
5. Weighted Crunch
6. Weighted Surfer Burpee
7. Heel Press (right)
8. Heel Press (left)
9. Leg Circle Press (right)
10. Leg Circle Press (left)

5 thoughts on “Weighted Weekday Workout

  1. Anonymous

    This is awesome. I love a challenge and this definitely did the job. I lift a lot and this is a great cross training workout. Thanks!

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