Belly Fat Burn Workout

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Hi Everyone!

As you can tell from the picture above I definitely got a good workout today! This workout is focused on toning all of the muscles of your stomach/core, while burning fat at the same time. 

Let’s uncover those strong ab muscles so we can see all the results of the hard work we’re putting in. 🙂 The combination of strengthening moves, and cardio intervals will help maximize fat burning, while maintaining lean muscle. This results in a boosted metabolism, and increased firmness and tone throughout your body. 

I alternated every other exercise with jump roping. You could also substitute high knees, froggers or mountain climbers if you don’t have a jump rope. I was planning on also doing a run, but as I am just recovering from being sick yesterday I decided not to push it. Instead, Jesse and I went on a short leisurely walk, about 1.5 miles. 

I hope you all enjoy the workout! See you tomorrow. 

Beginner: 10 reps, 30 second cardio intervals
Intermediate: 15 reps, 45 seconds cardio
Advanced: 20 reps, 60 seconds cardio

*Timed Cardio Burst between each exercise

1. Situp Crunch
2. Sumo Pushup
3. Heel Tap Leg Lift
4. Side Plank Hip Lift (right)
5. Side Plank Hip Lift (left)
6. Prone Heel Lift
7. Leg/Hip Lift
8. Knee Drop Plank
9. Bicycle
10. Clockwork Plank

20 thoughts on “Belly Fat Burn Workout

  1. It is a pity you had been sick ;(…

    Thanks a lotfor the workout. You are very inspiring,I have just done bits and pieces but I amn going to this one here fully- once more a lot of hugs. Greetings from Lithuania.

  2. Anonymous

    Favourite workout so far. This was tough without being exhausted. Hope u fully recover soon.
    Sarah Australia

  3. Anonymous

    Great workout!! Been following you for a couple months!! Thanks you really spiced up my exercise plans!!
    Tess albuquerque, nm

  4. Amazing workout! I rotated Muay Thai knees, jump rope, high knees, and knee up jacks for the cardio. Again great workout. Thanks! Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Holy sore abs Batman! Lol. I didn’t have a jump rope so I alternated between high knees and jumping jacks. I did this workout Monday night and am really feeling it today. Which is a good thing! Thanks for a great workout.

  6. My daughter turned me on to your site. If you are not making as much money as Heather Armstrong and her mommy blog, well, you should be! Thank you for the wonderful workout videos. I will recommend you to my FB friends. And my other friends not on FB! -Karen

  7. Anonymous

    First of all, I love your videos; I have been trying to do at least one a day! One area I want to focus on is my chest. I have read that if you do lots of exercises with the pectoral muscles and arms, this will give the appearance of fuller, firmer breasts. Would you care to share any tips or secrets that you have found successful?


  8. Just done the belly fat burn workout what a killer when you have to jump rope in the courtyard, and run up a flight of stairs for the cardio side well done melissa for this workout nice!!!!!!!x

  9. Eric

    Wow! Another one with high knees in between exercises! Fun fun fun!
    I think I ended up with my shirt soaked in sweat, too!
    Thank you, Melissa! Always challenging all of us!

  10. I AM A BIG FAN

    Hi Melissa,
    I am a kickboxer and I often supplement my training schedule with your workouts. This is one of my favorites to do in preparation for big fights. You are so amazing. Keep up the good work.


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