A Week of Workouts

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Hi Everyone!

Jesse and I are finally going on our long awaited honeymoon! I will be filming workouts while I am down there, so expect some tropical videos. 🙂 

I am not sure what to expect from the internet connection at the resort we are staying at, so I have created a full week of workouts. If I can update while I am down there I will, but just in case I can’t I wanted to make sure there was an update for everyone who follows my blog. 

If the internet connection works I will post videos throughout the week, but if not you can do these workouts (or pick and choose your own). 

Have a great week!

PS This is an intense week of workouts. As always, listen to your body, take breaks and rest as needed. Don’t forget it’s Yoga Month so check out: yogamonth.com to see about getting a free week of classes at a studio near you. 

Improve Your Rear View

Tabata Interval Workout: Burn Baby Burn
Yoga Fusion Fat Burn

Cardio: 15 Minute High Intensity
10 Minute: Abs in a Hurry

Standing Yoga Flow for Butt, Thighs, Legs, and Back
Flab Free Arms and Abs

4 Round Boot Camp

Enjoy an active rest day!

Ultimate Body Weight Workout

11 thoughts on “A Week of Workouts

  1. Anonymous

    i like the idea of providing us with a training plan…you should do such plans more often if you dont mind…helps me to avoid overtraining as i am a runner as well 🙂

    • Anonymous

      i run around 20-25miles a week and ive been running for 3 months now…i cross train i sometimes do fartlek, hiit workouts and circuit training and i also play netball 🙂

    • Excellent! Your running schedule sounds very similar to mine. I will be putting together some workout plans, and making some different recommendations for runners, and those who train primarily through alternative workouts.

      Make sure you are giving yourself 1-2 rest days to let your body recover and strengthen. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I recently came across your blog and I already LOVE it. The Gym can get pretty expensive, so I love that I am able to do these at home. I’ve been thin my whole life and I want to tone up, I’ve looked through your schedules, but which would you suggest would benefit me more? I’ve never worked out but I think it’d be fun to make a change, so I would be using your beginner workouts.
    thanks ❤��

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for all you have put into this site Melissa. It is amazing. I have told so many friends. I’m seeing results quickly! THANK YOU thank you!!

  4. Hi Melissa. . Came across you. n been starting to follow workouts. .I can share more details but I’m 45… former athlete who ballooned to 450 lbs. I’m down to 285 and Dr gave me green light to work hard and get last 85 lbs off. . What’s best plan,? Random? 5 day? 30? I’d love your thoughts.


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