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A Week of Workouts

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Hi Everyone!

Jesse and I are finally going on our long awaited honeymoon! I will be filming workouts while I am down there, so expect some tropical videos. 🙂 

I am not sure what to expect from the internet connection at the resort we are staying at, so I have created a full week of workouts. If I can update while I am down there I will, but just in case I can’t I wanted to make sure there was an update for everyone who follows my blog. 

If the internet connection works I will post videos throughout the week, but if not you can do these workouts (or pick and choose your own). 

Have a great week!

PS This is an intense week of workouts. As always, listen to your body, take breaks and rest as needed. Don’t forget it’s Yoga Month so check out: to see about getting a free week of classes at a studio near you. 

Improve Your Rear View

Tabata Interval Workout: Burn Baby Burn
Yoga Fusion Fat Burn

Cardio: 15 Minute High Intensity
10 Minute: Abs in a Hurry

Standing Yoga Flow for Butt, Thighs, Legs, and Back
Flab Free Arms and Abs

4 Round Boot Camp

Enjoy an active rest day!

Ultimate Body Weight Workout

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