19 Minute Fat Burn Home Workout

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Hi Everyone,

I have another full length workout for you! In addition to this workout I walked for 45 minutes on the treadmill. I was going to walk for 20-30 minutes, but ended up finishing the book I was reading while I walked. 

This workout has plenty of body shaping, toning moves, along with cardio to really optimize fat burning. 

I really wanted to take the day off because I was exhausted. I rallied, and did the workout anyway.   I am so glad that I did! I ended up having a lot of energy after my workout, and I felt so much better. Does anyone else experience that? Sometimes I really have to remind myself that exercise gives me energy. I feel like a new person after a good workout. 

See you tonight with a new workout!

Beginner: 10 reps, 30 seconds timed
Intermediate: 15 reps, 45 seconds timed
Advanced: 20 reps, 60 seconds timed

1. Jump Rope (timed)
2. Warrior 3 with Heel Lift (right)
3. Warrior 3 with Heel Lift (left)
4. Mountain Climber (timed)
5. Walking Side Squat
6. High Knees (timed)
7. Oblique Pushup
8. Plie Pulse Jumps
9. Scissor Taps
10. Jump Rope (timed)

4 thoughts on “19 Minute Fat Burn Home Workout

  1. Anonymous

    Hey! The thing about feeling more energetic when you’re all lazy and exhausted after a workout is soooo true!
    I just need one little push to start it and once I’m done I feel so awake!

    I love your work outs! Keep it up!


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