Tabata Interval Training Burn Baby Burn: Melissa Bender Fitness

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Hi Everyone,

Tonight’s workout is fantastic, but I can’t take any credit for creating it. J That honor goes to personal trainer, Ronald Adams. Ron trains in Illinois. Some of the places he trains his clients include: The Glendale Heights Sports Club, and the Glendale Heights Center for Senior Citizens. Ron offers one-on-one, partner training, free orientations, free fitness evaluations and small group classes. These sessions vary by location.

In this workout it is very important to keep your intervals as short as possible. I used my interval timer and set it for 6 rounds of 10 and 20 second intervals for each set. This routine goes through cardio, and strength training, while keeping your heart rate and metabolism up throughout the workout.

It is very challenging, but push yourself through it! Jesse and I both agreed that Set Two (pushups!) was the most difficult set for us. I don’t think I could have done any more!

Enjoy the workout today! Special thanks again to Ron for allowing us to do his workout. We loved it! I want to try it again soon and see if I can increase the number of reps I did during each 20 seconds interval!


PS I tried out a healthy Peanut Butter Cupcake recipe tonight that is amazing. Check back for my review, and the recipe.

Tabata Interval Training: Burn Baby Burn
Beginners: Do each set once.
Intermediate: Do each set twice.
Advanced: Repeat each set three times.
Super Advanced: Repeat each set four times.
All reps are done for time. Do the maximum number of reps that you can in 20 seconds. You have 10 seconds rest, and then 20 seconds for the next interval, etc.
Warm-Up – Repeat Twice (10–12 minutes)
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 25 mountain climbers each side
  • 10 pairs of forward to a reverse  lunge
  • High-knee jogging for approximately 1 minute.
Intervals (24–48 minutes)
Set 1: Lower Body/Cardio – 2 – 4 sets (4–8 minutes)
Equipment. Dumbbells.
Level 1. Perform side-to-side (lateral) squats. (3 – 5 steps in one direction then return)
Level 2. Side (lateral) jump squats with light weights (5 – 8 pounds each).
Level 3. Side (lateral) jump squats with medium weights (10 – 12 pounds each).
Set 2: Upper Body – 2 – 4 sets (4–8 minutes)
Equipment. Flat bench or ball.
Level 1. Do push-ups (on knees if a normal pushup is to difficult)
Level 2. Do push-ups with feet on bench or ball.
Level 3: Do continuous push-ups on toes. After going down perform a “jack” by jumping feet out and in then return to up position.
Set 3: Lower Body/Cardio – 2 – 4 sets (4–8 minutes)
Equipment. Dumbbells. 
Level 1. Perform a Romanian dumbbell deadlift (10–15 pounds each).
Level 2. Perform downward portion of Romanian deadlift, squat to deadlift then return to standing
(5 – 8 pounds each).
Level 3. Perform downward portion of Romanian deadlift, squat to deadlift then jump up on return
(3 – 5 pounds each).
Set 4: Upper Body – 2 – 4 sets (4–8 minutes)
Equipment. Dumbbells and/or weighted bar (advanced).
Level 1. Perform bent over back rowing alternating arms with moderate weights (10–15 pounds each).
Level 2. Perform bent over dual arm, single dumbbell, back rowing with heavier weights (20–30 pounds).
Level 3. Perform pull up’s.  
Set 5: Cardio – 2 – 4 sets (4–8 minutes)
Equipment. Exercise tube or other low hurdle. Place tube in straight line on floor beside you.
Level 1. Do single-leg leaps over tube and back. (Change leg used when repeating)
Level 2. Perform two-footed jump over tube and return, fast pace.
Level 3. Do stationary tuck-jumps or squat-jumps.
Set 6: Core Work – 2 – 4 sets (4–8 minutes)
Equipment. Mat, dumbbells.
Level 1. Goodbye Love Handles
Lie on your side with your body in a straight line. Fold your arms across your chest. Keeping your legs together, lift them off the floor as you raise your top elbow toward your hip. The range of motion is short, but you should feel an intense contraction in your obliques.
10 repetitions each side [Beginner]
Hold a pair of lightweight dumbbells over your head, in line with your shoulders, with your elbows slightly bent. Keep your back straight, and slowly bend directly to your right side as far as possible without twisting your upper body. Pause, return to an upright position, then bend to your left side as far as possible.
6 to 10 repetitions each side [Beginner to intermediate]
Stand while holding a dumbbell with both hands in front of your midsection. Twist 90 degrees to the right, then 180 degrees to your left. Keep your abs tight and move fast. Bring to center. Alternate the side you start with.
10 repetitions each side (Intermediate)

4 thoughts on “Tabata Interval Training Burn Baby Burn: Melissa Bender Fitness

    • Pushups where you keep your arms/elbows close to your body, especially if you hold yourself hovering above the floor for a second before pushing back up. Down Dog Pushups or Up/Down Dog are also great, and will hit a lot of the same muscles. 🙂

  1. Anonymous

    Enjoyed this workout a lot- really liked the pyramid-style progression in each set. I went to absolute failure on those pullups and pushups! Just noticed that the timing is a little off- it’s actually 6 minutes per set if you do 4 rounds, not 8. I repeated each set 4 times and the workout took 36 minutes.

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