Terrific Tummy Toner Workout

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Hi Everyone!
Today’s workout is tough, but you are going to feel so great after you do it! I created this one to focus on abs, but as usual it’s still a full body workout. To get the most out of this workout make sure that you are using proper form, and moving from one exercise to the next as quickly as you can. That said, there were a few exercises that I needed to take a few seconds before continuing. Be sure to push yourself, but listen to your body!
I would love some feedback on what you thought of today’s workout and how it went for you. Feel free to leave a comment below.
Also, I just made a twitter account to keep people updated so they know when new workout videos are up. I’m new to twitter so I am just getting used to it, but if you’d like to follow me my name is BenderFitness.

Terrific Tummy Toner:
Beginner: 15 reps
Intermediate: 20 reps
Advanced: 25 reps
1.       Tricep sideways leg jumps (remember, 2 jumps=1rep)
2.       Plank forward jumps
3.       Side plank drops with elbow touch (right)
4.       Side plank drops with elbow touch (left)
5.       Forward/Backward lunges (right)
6.       Forward/Backward lunges (left)
7.       Sumo Squats (right and left side=1rep)
8.       Bicycle abs (right and left side=1rep)
9.       Leg lift abs with hip twist (right and left=1rep)
10.   Walking push ups
11.   Superman alternating plank
12.   Crab kicks (2 kicks=1rep)
13.   V abs

21 thoughts on “Terrific Tummy Toner Workout

  1. Chris M

    This is great! I just stumbled across your blog from another site. I like it because you actually show how to do it instead of me reading something and hoping i’m doing them right. I’ve been very lazy this year and finally pushed myself to start going back to the gym and my stomach is the worst but I think your exercises would really be effective compared to the usual crunch. If I could get my abs to look half as good as yours do, it would be wonderful!!! I will definitely add these as part of my routine starting tomorrow and add your site to my favs. Thank you!!

  2. Chris-
    Thank you for the feedback and following! I find that crunches only work one area, making it impossible for most of us the get the abs we want. These moves are more dynamic and work all of the muscles in your abdomen. 🙂

    Good luck and keep following! I will have a lot of great workouts this week!


  3. I moved from one exercise to the other as fast as I could, my time was 22:24, the lunges were hard, especially I felt the burn with the sumo squats right following the lunges. Awesome, I did the 25 reps,the last 5 reps I really had to push myself hard. Loved the way we counted the reps, it felt like I did 50 reps when I did the exercises on the mat.

  4. Anonymous

    This was super tough. In an awesome way. I lost my footing for about a year and a half and am now back to focusing on my weight and health and have really enjoyed your workouts! That side plank with the drop was really hard! Thanks for creating these for those of us who have to work out at home.

  5. Ilona

    I did 25 reps. covered in sweat but feeling great. thx for sharing!
    I’m trying to follow your workouts of month 1, I hope I’ll stick with it.. 😉

  6. This workout kicked my ass today! It was so tough! I accomplished it but I am definitely sweating. I found its really hard for the to do the side plank exercises. I try really hard but i’m just not strong enough. Any recommendations on what to do in place of those exercises??I’m happy I found you! You’ve inspired me to get back in shape and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

  7. Hi Melissa! I love your workouts they are awesome!! I am a swimmer and have been my whole life and I have sensitive shoulders. I am wondering if there is a modification for the side plank drops or if there is something you recommend for me to do to strengthen my shoulders. I can do about 5 of the side plank drops and then my shoulder gives out. Thanks so much!!


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