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Terrific Tummy Toner Workout

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Hi Everyone!
Today’s workout is tough, but you are going to feel so great after you do it! I created this one to focus on abs, but as usual it’s still a full body workout. To get the most out of this workout make sure that you are using proper form, and moving from one exercise to the next as quickly as you can. That said, there were a few exercises that I needed to take a few seconds before continuing. Be sure to push yourself, but listen to your body!
I would love some feedback on what you thought of today’s workout and how it went for you. Feel free to leave a comment below.
Also, I just made a twitter account to keep people updated so they know when new workout videos are up. I’m new to twitter so I am just getting used to it, but if you’d like to follow me my name is BenderFitness.

Terrific Tummy Toner:
Beginner: 15 reps
Intermediate: 20 reps
Advanced: 25 reps
1.       Tricep sideways leg jumps (remember, 2 jumps=1rep)
2.       Plank forward jumps
3.       Side plank drops with elbow touch (right)
4.       Side plank drops with elbow touch (left)
5.       Forward/Backward lunges (right)
6.       Forward/Backward lunges (left)
7.       Sumo Squats (right and left side=1rep)
8.       Bicycle abs (right and left side=1rep)
9.       Leg lift abs with hip twist (right and left=1rep)
10.   Walking push ups
11.   Superman alternating plank
12.   Crab kicks (2 kicks=1rep)
13.   V abs
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