17-Min Core and Cardio Burn Workout – No Planking and No Equipment Abs Exercise

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout! We are focused on strengthening our Core today. This routine also incorporates cardio bursts. I love combining core workouts with cardio so I built it into this routine. One round of this workout will take about 17-Minutes, and this can be repeated up to 3X. I was super busy yesterday so I only got in one round of this workout, but it’s one that I would like to repeat.

This workout has no Planks or exercises that put pressure through the wrist or carpal tunnel. Sometimes it’s nice to have a hands free workout option. For the cardio burst segments of the workouts, you can pick any cardio you would like. I switched between rope-less jumping and high knees. Some other ideas are: Marching in Place, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, Kettlebell Swings.

This routine has some fun new moves, let me know if you have a favorite exercise!

New Adventures

Flex: Abs at 40 after having two babies

I have been filming a lot of new workouts lately, and being consistent with my workouts has me feeling AMAZING! My legs have actually been sore this week, which almost never happens. My energy has been better. I’m starting to see more definition through my abs and arms, which is a nice bonus.

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So far I have a new 4-Week Workout series (5 workouts per week, plus two journal prompts) and I am continuing to add new workouts. The exclusive workout videos will grow weekly as I add new content. I’m also adding ad free versions of the workouts that I share here.

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I hope you enjoy today’s workout! Let me know what you think and which exercise was your favorite and which you found most challenging. See you soon!


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The Workout:

In the video, I almost forget about the last cardio burst, so push through that last interval with me. 

  1. Bicycle with Leg Extension
  2. Knee Rotation & Extension
  3. Floating Leg Pulse: Right
  4. Floating Leg Pulse: Left
  5. Prone Reverse Crunch
  6. Rock the Boat
  7. Side Float Hold with Knee: Right
  8. Side Float Hold with Knee: Left
  9. X Squeeze Me
  10. Balanced Twist

Repeat 1-3X

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