15-Minute Total Body HIIT Workout and Fat Burn

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout! This is a fantastic HIIT workout for the entire body. One round of this routine will take 15-Minutes, and it can be repeated up to 3X. I did one round plus a 30-minute walk on the treadmill.

I was excited to get back into my workout routine, after taking four days off while we did a quick family getaway. My body was tired, and this workout kicked my butt. I was sweating, breathing heavy, feeling fatigued and I pushed through the workout anyway. As I mention in the video, there are times when fatigue can be a symptom of overtraining (such as when a workout that you normally do suddenly feels impossible), but that wasn’t the case for me today. There are some days when you are tired, but you know it’s time to push through and get your body back in motion.

A Little AirBNB Drama:

I had plans to film during our trip, but we had a bit of an AirBNB snafu and had to book a hotel one night and then find a second AirBNB rental because our first rental wasn’t safe. When we arrived at our rental the key lock box was broken open and the key was missing. We went around to the other door and it was open (not just unlocked, but cracked open). We messaged the owner of the rental and they assured us that it was safe, and there was a key under the back mat. The listing also mentioned a spare key, which was missing. Although the owner assured us it was safe, we did not agree, so we spent several hours going back and forth with AirBNB and the owner before getting a full refund.

However, it all worked out and I could tell that our kids loved having our undivided attention with no work, filming or video editing. So, that was the silver lining of the situation.

I encourage you to always listen to your instincts, and when faced with situations like the one above don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself. We wouldn’t stay in a situation that we felt was potentially dangerous for our children and ourselves, and you shouldn’t either.

Despite the rocky start we had a really wonderful trip.

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Having a subscription site will help me continue to share free workouts here. I appreciate each and every one of you. I look forward to continuing to workout with you!


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The Workout:

Equipment: Exercise Mat and some water.
My Sneakers, Exercise Mat and Adjustable Sports Bra.

  1. Lateral Hops
  2. Lunge Kick: Right
  3. Lunge Kick: Left
  4. Burpee
  5. Plié (2nd Position)
  6. Side Scissor
  7. Leg Circles: Right
  8. Leg Circles: Left
  9. Mountain Climbers
  10. Cross Plank Pushup
  11. Locust
  12. Cactus Squeeze
  13. Down Dog, Chatarunga, Up Dog
  14. Superman
  15. Overhead Scapular Glide

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