10-Minute Daily Mobility: Stretching Routine

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Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing a 10-Minute Mobility Stretching Routine with you. I’ve been incorporating daily stretching into my morning routine, but this can be done at any time of day. As always, you will find the video below.

I plan to also share a longer stretching routine for those days when you have more time to commit to your mobility.

Having a daily mobility routine can help keep your body functioning, keep your range of motion optimal and decrease pain and stiffness. It’s also helpful for all of your functional tasks (lifting, walking, running, etc) because having appropriate mobility can help you to maintain good posture and alignment during your daily activities.

Over my years of teaching I have worked with many students who started my classes with pain or injuries and I have seen them improve their mobility and reduce their pain. Everyone is different, but movement and exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Tips for improving your mobility:

There are a few things to keep in mind whenever you start a stretching routine.

  1. Listen to your body. There is a difference between a stretch and feeling tightness and pain. Don’t force any movement.
  2. Adjust the positions as needed. Your mobility will improve with time and practice. If you need to modify any of the movements, please do. Every person is different, but knowing when to modify is an important life skill.
  3. Flexibility fluctuates. What workout you have done recently, how hydrated you are, how much sleep you got: all of these things impact your flexibility and the pliability of your muscles. Some days you will feel more mobile than others and that is totally normal. Just listen to your body each day and move within your accepted range of motion on that day.
  4. Practice consistently. Keep coming back to your stretching routine and you will notice great improvements in your flexibility and mobility. Don’t let normal changes in mobility throw you off your routine. If you are consistent you will notice results over time.

I plan to film a longer mobility and stretching routine for those days when you have more than 10-minutes to commit to your mobility practice. If this was useful to you please let me know. I absolutely love to hear about your progress and what is helping you.

If there is a specific video length that you would like to see for my next mobility routine (15-20 minutes, longer?) please let me know. I have yoga flow videos ranging from 20-60 minutes, which are a great option if you have more time in your day.

Have fun! I hope that you find this video useful and that it helps you on your health and fitness journey.

See you soon with a new workout! I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos I have shared recently!


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Equipment: Yoga Mat. A towel or blanket can be substituted if you don’t have a mat.

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