Total Body HIIT: No Equipment, 28-Minute Workout

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout! Today we have a full body, no equipment workout on the agenda. One round of this workout will take 28-Minutes. This workout is an amazing and effective routine for the entire body.

We are using a lot of fun, exercises and we are going to work our body and our muscles from every angle. I am working to build a strong, healthy, pain free body that I can confidently carry myself into the future in. Whatever your reasons for showing up for today’s workout are, I hope you recognize that exercise is a powerful tool. We can’t control the future, but we can step into it with health and strength (as much as those two things are in our control).

Filming New Workouts and New Adventures:

I am continuing to film new workouts. I don’t have a launch date yet, but my new Subscription site is getting closer to becoming a reality. My goal is for the subscription to do well enough for me to launch an app. That will also empower me to continue to share free workouts here.

Behind the scenes, I have been working on a new 4-week workout challenge for my subscription. The focus is building strength and confidence, by combining workouts and journaling prompts. Confidence is both physical and mental, so the challenge incorporates both aspects of that journey.

At times, I have been a bit overwhelmed at this process and I’ve had some bouts with fear of failure, but if I am never willing to try then I have already failed. When self doubt creeps in I don’t let it stop me. I pick one step that will keep me moving forward toward my goals and I work on that one thing.

Today’s Meditation:

I’m a big fan of the Insight Timer meditation app. I use it with my kinesiology students all the time in my Yoga and Exercise for Stress Management classes, as well as using it in my own life. This morning I listened to a meditation on Letting Go of Self Limiting Beliefs. This is a lesson that comes up in my yoga courses, and I thought that the meditation was a lovely tool for working on that process.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout!


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The Workout:

Interval Timer: 28 Rounds of 10/50

  1. Lunge to Knee: Right
  2. Lunge to Knee: Left
  3. Low Jacks
  4. Pendulum Squats
  5. Side Jumps
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Rock the Boat
  8. Push-up Holds
  9. Side Plank Knee Rotation: Right
  10. Side Plank Knee Rotation: Left
  11. V-Slip
  12. Curtsy Lunge
  13. Burpees
  14. Beast Reach
  15. Sit Thru
  16. Super Swim
  17. Heel Tap Plank
  18. Side Plank Frogger
  19. Reverse Plank Glute Tap
  20. Cheek to Cheek Plank
  21. Warrior III Heel Pulse: Right
  22. Warrior III Heel Pulse: Left
  23. Plié Lean: Right
  24. Plié Lean: Left
  25. Chair Pose Hop
  26. Hydrant Heel Press: Right
  27. Hydrant Heel Press: Left
  28. Plank Press to Dolphin

*Cool Down and Finish with some Stretching

Lunge to Knee
Low Jacks
Pendulum Squats
Side Jumps
Mountain Climbers
Rock the Boat
Push-Up Holds
Side Plank Knee Rotation
Curtsy Lunge
Beast Reach
Sit Thru
Super Swim
Heel Tap Plank
Side Plank Froggers
Reverse Plank Glute Tap
Cheek to Cheek Plank
Warrior III Heel Pulse (Complete all reps on one side before switching). 
Plié Lean
Chair Pose Hop
Hydrant Heel Press
Plank Press to Dolphin

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