15-Minute Full Body HIIT: No Equipment, Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

I have a fantastic new workout for you! This Full Body HIIT is a No Equipment Workout. We are combining strength and plyometric moves, so you will be getting in a great cardio burn while building lean muscle.

Challenge yourself during this workout. Let yourself breathe hard and get sweaty. That’s the zone we want to be in today. I love how effective HIIT workouts are, and the fact that you can allow yourself to really push during each interval because the workouts are shorter.

It’s been a super busy week for me, so I haven’t gotten in any additional cardio. However, workouts like these provide a wonderful cardio workout so I’m happy to know that I still trained my lungs and heart this week. I’ve been trying to get in 2-3 cardio interval walks per week. Although that hasn’t happened at all this week, I will get back into that routine next week.

Remember, sometimes things happen and you don’t get in all of your planned workouts. In the long run that isn’t a big deal. So don’t let that derail you. Many a workout routine has gone off track because someone missed a day and said “Oh well, I ruined my workout streak now. I might as well quit, or wait until next week to restart.” It’s important to remember that exercise is part of a healthy life. You keep coming back to it and make it a part of your routine.

New Workout Challenge:

There is a lot happening behind the scenes in the Bender household. I am filming a new workout challenge and planning to launch a subscription service. If you’ve been reading my blog updates you already know this, but in addition to my free workouts that I share here I will be creating some exclusive membership workouts and content.

I’m excited about the new workout series and journal prompts/discussion topics that go along with the challenge. It’s going to be a holistic approach to building a healthy mind-body connection.

If there is anything special that you would love to see me offer as exclusive content, let me know! I’m in the building process so the early joiners will have a lot of say in the direction that I take the service.

Have fun with today’s workout! I would love to hear what you loved and what challenged you during today’s workout. Surfers are always challenging for me. I was proud of myself for getting through Temple Tap Abs without stopping, because that was a skill that I had to re-build after having kids. I love seeing my core strength returning.


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The Workout:

Interval Timer Set: 15 Rounds of 10/50

Find My Running Shoes Here: https://amzn.to/3WiYTx6 and My Workout Mat here: https://amzn.to/3pUtyVo.

  1. In/Out Squat
  2. Supergirl Heel Tap
  3. High Knee Twist
  4. Russian Kicks
  5. Reverse Lunge to Curtsy: Right
  6. Reverse Lunge to Curtsy: Left
  7. Leg Scissor
  8. Down Dog Toe Tap
  9. Surfer
  10. Pendulum Hop
  11. Temple Tap Abs
  12. Side Plank Knee/Leg Lift: Right
  13. Side Plank Knee/Leg Lift: Left
  14. Burpees
  15. Mountain Climbers

Repeat 1-3X

Photo Tutorial:

2 thoughts on “15-Minute Full Body HIIT: No Equipment, Home Workout

  1. Ana

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and for inspiring me to start my fitness journey almost 10 years. I found your blog in high school in 2013 and it changed my life and helped me make better changes for my health. Looking forward to your new subscriptions! 🙂

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