15-Minute Full Body Workout: Move & Groove to a Strong and Healthy New Year

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to a brand new workout and a brand new year. I’m excited for the year ahead and it felt wonderful to start off strong by filming a new workout. The full length workout video and photo tutorial are below.

Fresh Starts

It’s that time of year when people are thinking about new beginnings and fresh starts. When I look back on the last year it was kind of a blur. I don’t want to feel the same way about this year. So I am setting some intentions to improve my health (and the health of my family) and energy level.

I’m starting out by focusing on the first three months of the year. I want to be consistent and intentional with my movement and make health choices that improve my energy. I started today by making nutrition and movement a priority. Both of those areas have been challenging for me over the past year. As the lyrics to Long December say, “There’s reason to believe, maybe this year will be better than the last.”

Here’s the thing, you can’t just hope that things get better. You need to take an active role in making it so. Yes, things will happen that are outside of your control, but you still have power in your own life to create change. Maybe that’s 15-minutes of exercise, or 5-minutes of breathing, meditation or prayer. Little things have a big impact over time. Sometimes when things get difficult or we are very tired, focusing on the little things instead of the big picture can make things more manageable.

Angel Abs

So take all of the motivation you have at this moment in time and use it! Let it carry you as far as it goes. But when the day comes when you wake up and don’t have that motivation don’t let it derail you. Remember that you have the power to choose, and pick a small step that will keep taking you forward toward health, happiness, or whatever else you are pursuing right now.

I would love to hear about your intentions for the year. Share them in the comments below.


The Workout:

*During the workout video I say we are done after Angle Abs and start marching in place, but I was wrong (Sorry!) the workout finishes with Superman Pushups.*

  1. Mobility Ankle Tap
  2. Supergirl Pushups
  3. Leg/Hip Lift
  4. Burpee
  5. Chair Cactus
  6. Alternating Leg Circles
  7. Sit Thru
  8. Rotating Plank
  9. Leg Scissor
  10. Switch
  11. Beast Walk
  12. Tik Tok/ Windshield Wiper Abs
  13. Spiderman Jump (or normal squat jump)
  14. Angel Abs
  15. Superman Pushups

Repeat up to 3X

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7 thoughts on “15-Minute Full Body Workout: Move & Groove to a Strong and Healthy New Year

  1. Cathrin

    I am so excited about this one and highly motivated!
    Saw the breakdown and am so ready to do this workout in a few minutes! Thank you so much in advance and may you have a great 2023, Melissa!

  2. Shanna

    So excited for this new year and so appreciative of your workouts!! Thanks so much! I’m soo grateful and love your workouts. I haven’t done them in the past year, but starting up again this year! I’m starting slow with your postpartum program first today. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Cathrin

    Done! Still covered in sweat! Loved it!
    Those Spiderman Squat Jumps: I had SO much fun! Tuck Jumps usually get the best of me but those Spiderman SQJ were amazing, I was laughing so hard doing them while nailing those spiderman hand poses Thank you! Absolute mood booster!
    Also those leg circles really were good stuff for my brain to keep paying attention, I really liked that too!
    New favorite workout, thank you Melissa!

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