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Welcome to the final week of our Mile Speed and Body Sculpt Challenge! I am so excited to finish this challenge strong, and hear how everyone has done with the mile speed challenge.

We are ending this week with our Mile Time Trial, and I have some great workouts planned for this week. The workout schedule and videos will be loaded as the week progresses.

Running Intensity Scale: 

Remember, we are basing our runs on effort/intensity level. Use the scale below to maximize your runs.

Easy: Effort Level 1-3 out of 10. You should be able to carry on a conversation at this pace. 

Moderate: Effort Level 4-7 out of 10. You can still talk at this intensity level, but you are limited to short responses if someone was talking to you during your workout. 

Hard: Effort Level 8-10 out of 10. If someone talks to you, you would be able to respond with one word answers. This is high intensity, and not a conversational pace.

You also have the option of adding additional running to this schedule. This is optional in order to make the Mile Speed Challenge accessible for runners of all levels, and to prevent over-training. It’s important to listen to your body during the challenge and adjust as needed. 

Optional Runs: 

You can choose to complete two additional “easy” run days of 30-Minutes or less. OR You can choose to run 1-mile at an “easy” pace 2-3 Days this week. 

If you are adding one mile, I recommend adding them on your Body Sculpt Workout Days. Depending on your current running and fitness level, you can choose to substitute a 30-Minute Run Day for a Total Body Sculpt Workout, or complete it in addition to your workout.

Note: I will be updating this page with each workout as we add them throughout the week. If you ever need to substitute a Body Sculpt Workout (for example, you need to modify the workout schedule and the next workout isn’t posted yet), you can find my other 40-Minute Workouts here:

Day 1: Hill Sprints

Easy Pace Warm-Up: 5-10 Minutes. 
Five 45-second Hard Pace Sprints. 1-2 minutes rest between sprints. Note: If needed, you can increase the rest between sprints.
Cool Down Easy Run or Walk 5-10 minutes.

Day 2: Body Sculpt #24

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Foot Slide Squat: Right
3. Foot Slide Squat: Left
4. Warrior T Knee: Right
5. Warrior T Knee: Left
6. Skater Hop
7. Half Moon Pulse: Right
8. Half Moon Pulse: Left
9. Rotating Squat Hop
10. Alternating Lunge Hop
11. Standing Bicycle: Right
12. Standing Bicycle: Left
13. Standing Rollup
14. Angled Bicycle: Right
15. Angled Bicycle: Left
16. Standing Cat/Cow
17. Forward Backward Lunge: Right
18. Forward Backward Lunge: Left
19. Speed Skater Floor Tap
20. Speed Skier
21. Side Kick
22. Cross Punch and Dodge: Right
23. Cross Punch and Dodge: Left
24. Uppercut: Alternating
25. Horse Step: Right
26. Horse Step: Left
27. Side Stretch: Right
28. Side Stretch: Left

Day 3: Bonus Burn + 1-3 Miles Easy.

1. Rainbow: Right
2. Rainbow: Left
3. Elevated Clam: Right
4. Elevated Clam: Left
5. Prone Heel Press
6. Beast Thigh Pulse: Right
7. Beast Thigh Pulse: Left
8. Extended Hydrant Circle: Right
9. Extended Hydrant Circle: Left
10. Down Dog Leg Lifts
11. Prone Cross Tap: Right
12. Prone Cross Tap: Left

Day 4: Total Body Sculpt #25

Side to Side Squat
Squat and Reach
Jumping Jacks
Pendulum Hop
Jump Rope/Ropeless Jumping
Cross Jab Situp
Plank Row
Supine Press to Tricep Drop
Lunge and Curl
Squat and Press
Single Leg Deadlift: Right
Single Leg Deadlift: Left
Squat and Switch
Alternating Curtsy Lunge
Plié Squat/Jump
Bicycle Situp
Side Plank Reach: Right
Side Plank Reach: Left
Alternating Bird Dog
Prone Heel Press
Frog Hop
Lunge Hop: Right
Lunge Hop: Left
Donkey Kicks
Scapula Squeeze
Slow Mountain Climbers
*Cool Down-March in Place until your heart rate and breathing come back to normal. Finish with some stretching.*

Day 5: Bonus Burn + 1-3 Miles Easy.

Check back for the new workout video.

Knee Plank Series (right)
Knee Plank Series (left)
Temple Tap Abs
Hip Drop Side Plank (right)
Hip Drop Side Plank (left)
Cobra Lift
Rainbow Plank (right)
Rainbow Plank (left)
Side Plank Leg Series (right)
Side Plank Leg Series (left)
Reverse Plank Leg Lift

Day 6: Mile Speed Trial

Warm-up: Dynamic Stretches, 2-3 Strides, Easy jog.
1-Mile Speed Trial.
Cool Down.

Day 7: Rest Day


  1. Sara

    I have loved this 6 week challenge. It kept me motivated to workout. It would be cool to do another challenge. This challenge went by way to fast. Thank you for all that you do Melissa and family.

  2. Teresa (Portugal)

    Is Total Body Sculpt #25 the same as Total Body Sculpt #8??
    Just making sure I’m doing the right one.

  3. Terry

    Melissa! Absolutely drenched after BS#25. Tough on the legs, but when I run they are so much stronger because of your training! Thank you.

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