Two Total Body Workouts You Can Do Anywhere: One Week Home Workout Schedule

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Last week, my BFF sent me a fitness request. I don’t know about you, but when my best friend asks for my help to make some health and fitness lifestyle changes I jump at the opportunity to help.

Rose’s request: A workout she could repeat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that could be done inside or outside, and that she could follow along with even if she didn’t have internet access. Instead of a video, she wanted a list of exercises she could complete to build strength as she re-starts her fitness journey.

She also requested a Tuesday/Thursday Workout, So that she could have a full week of workouts planned and ready. She finds that knowing exactly what to expect for her workouts, helps her stay on track.

Do you remember Rose? She has guest starred in some of my workout videos!

While I absolutely love variety in my workouts, some people do better with a more structured routine. It helps them to recognize and track their progress. It can also be easier to stay accountable, when you have a set schedule.

If you would like to follow Rose’s Fitness and Weight Loss Journey check it out here: 

You can also find rose on Instagram: @rosebrunobailey

Workout #1: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Level 1: 10 Reps

Level 2: 15 Reps

Level 3: 20 Reps

Equipment: Something to step up onto (a sturdy chair, bench or step will work).

Repeat up to 3 Rounds and pair with 15-30 Minutes Cardio of Choice.

Workout #2: Tuesday/Thursday

Level 1: 10 Reps

Level 2: 15 Reps

Level 3: 20 Reps

Equipment: A yoga mat.

Repeat up to 3 Rounds. Pair with 15-30 Minutes Cardio of choice.

Modifying and Intensifying:

As you become familiar with these workouts you may decide that you want to increase the intensity. A great way to increase the burn of your workout, is by adding resistance.

You can grab Dumbbells, a resistance band, or a weighted vest to add some bonus muscle sculpting to these routines.

Remember, the workout should challenge you. If you repeat these routines often enough that they start to feel “easy,” it’s time to switch it up and increase the intensity.

Amp up your workout by adding some weights!

I hope you enjoy these workouts! Do you like the List format? Let me know in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “Two Total Body Workouts You Can Do Anywhere: One Week Home Workout Schedule

  1. desiree

    I love this. Thank you! This is great for me. Also, this would be great for my daughter is a freshman in collenge and her goal is to stay fit and not gain the “freshman 15”

  2. Abby

    I really enjoy the list format. Sometimes I need music for motivation and this allows me to listen and break a sweat. I was wondering if you could include images of the workouts to accompany the lists? Some of them I had to look up.

  3. Brittany Smith

    How many weeks in a row should we use this work out schedule? Ive been doing it since 11/4 and wasn’t sure if I needed to change it up..

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