Total Body Sculpt & Burn Workout: Body Weight Tabata + Resistance Training with Modifications

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to a brand new workout routine! This is a fantastically, challenging workout. This routine combines Tabata intervals with longer Resistance Training intervals, to maximize the results of this full body workout.

Today we are joined by a special guest, Janelle. Janelle is a fitness instructor, and she did an amazing job on camera, and demonstrating modifications throughout this workout routine. If you suffer from any wrist issues, follow her for wrist friendly, and lower impact modifications. Remember, lower impact, doesn’t mean less effective. As long as it challenges you, you are getting fantastic benefits from the workout.

I really loved teaming up with Janelle for this fitness routine. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did! Her energy is fantastic, and I thought she brought a fun dynamic to the workout.

This workout is comprised of four minute intervals. There are four Tabata intervals, comprised of 8 Rounds of 20/10 second intervals. In between each Tabata we have a four minute round of resistance training of 4 Rounds of 10/50. Feel free to press pause on the video in between rounds, grab some water, and then continue the workout.

You will find the full length, real time video workout below, along with a photo tutorial of each exercise we do in this workout.

We did have some audio issues during filming. I did my best to re-record the audio of the impacted sections. I also ordered a new microphone and camera rig so we shouldn’t experience the sound issues in future videos.

Equipment: Dumbbells and or Free Weights.

I felt a little bit weak, and deconditioned throughout this workout routine, and a few hours after we finished filming I was hit with the norovirus (what some people call the stomach flu). I initially thought that I was just out of shape from taking some time off through the holidays, but I think my muscles knew I was sick before the rest of my body did. We are all on the road to recovery now, and ready to start a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I really hope you enjoy this workout! Let me know what you thought of the format, and please give a shout out to Janelle for doing an amazing job during her guest appearance in today’s workout video.


❤️ Melissa

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Tabata Intervals (Part 1, 3, 5, 7): 8 Rounds of 20/10.
Resistance Intervals (Part 2, 4, 6): 4 Rounds of 10/50.

Part 1:

  1. Pushups
  2. Rock the Boat
  3. Spider-Man Plank
  4. Superman 

Part 2:

1. Alternating Warrior Deadlift
2. Bicep Curl to Press
3. Angel Abs
4. Curtsy Lunge

Part 3:

  1. High Knees
  2. Jump Squat
  3. Mountain climbers
  4. Lunge Jump

Part 4:

1. Single Weight Squat (Alternating)
2. Tricep Drop with Hold
3. Wipers
4. Chair Step

Part 5:

  1. Burpees
  2. Jog to Jack
  3. Forward Kicks (Alternating)
  4. High Knees 

Part 6:

1. Hydrants-Right
2. Hydrants-Left
3. Four Point Upright Row
4. Pendulum Squat

Part 7:

  1. Plank Jack
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Hip Thrust – Right
  4. Hip Thrust- Left

Push-up or Chest Press: Part 1

Push-up or Chest Press: Part 2

Rock the Boat

Spiderman Plank (Plank or Standing Position)


Warrior Deadlift: Part 1

Warrior Deadlift: Part 2

Curl and Press: Part 1

Curl and Press: Part 2

Curl and Press: Part 3

Angel Abs: Part 1

Angel Abs: Part 2

Angel Abs: Part 3

Curtsy Lunge: Part 1

Curtsy Lunge: Part 2

Curtsy Lunge: Part 3

High Knees

High Knees

Jump Squat

Mountain Climbers (Plank or Standing)

Lunge Jump: Part 1

Lunge Jump: Part 2

Single Weight Switch: Part 1

Single Weight Switch: Part 2

Tricep Drop with Hold: Part 1

Wipers: Part 1

Wipers: Part 2

Wipers: Part 3

Wipers: Part 4

Chair Squat: Part 1

Chair Squat: Part 2

Chair Squat: Part 3

Burpees: Part 1

Burpees: Part 2

Burpees: Part 3

Burpees: Part 4

Jog to Jack: Part 1

Jog to Jack: Part 2

Jog to Jack: Part 3

Jog to Jack: Part 3

Forward Kick: Part 1

Forward Kick: Part 2

Jump Rope

Hydrant: Part 1

Hydrant: Part 2

Hydrant: Wrist Neutral Variation using Dumbbells to avoid compressing the carpal tunnel.

Four Point Row: Part 1

Four Point Row: Part 2

Four Point Row: Part 3

Four Point Row: Part 4

Pendulum Squat: Part 1

Pendulum Squat: Part 2

Plank Jack: Part 1

Plank Jack: Part 2

Jumping Jacks

Hip Thrust: Part 1

Hip Thrust: Part 2


24 thoughts on “Total Body Sculpt & Burn Workout: Body Weight Tabata + Resistance Training with Modifications

  1. Lisa

    That was awesome ladies! Thanks for the great workout to ring in the new year
    I love the variations that you are doing now, great job mixing it up for those of us that have been with bender fitness for awhile now.
    Love you guys ❤️

  2. Sherri

    Yes yes yes! Perfect work out all the way around. I used some of the modifications as I have a shoulder injury and the breaking it up into sections was perfect. Awesome workout ready for my cool down and stretch. Thank you for all you do Melissa

  3. Allison McGinnis

    Thank you!!!! that was so much fun! I will most definitely be doing that one again. I hope you feel better, Melissa

  4. Niki

    I really enjoyed this exercise. I like the format. It makes it easier for me to get a good workout in because I don’t get bored.

    Thank you.

  5. Amanda

    I loved this workout style!! Thank you both for putting this together. I learned some new ways to modify some of the exercises, this was awesome. I will definitely revisit this one!!

  6. Tracy

    I loved this workout! The modifications are great, since I have a recent pec injury. More tabata workouts would be great! You rock!

  7. Katelyn

    Great workout. I really enjoy the longer workouts with strength and cardio combined that was a wonderful workout and one I will definitely be going back to! Thanks for your all you do and appreciate Janelle for joining in and showing the variations!

  8. Jessica

    Really ‘enjoyed’ this one! Liked having the modifications as I’m coming back from a broken wrist. Enjoyed the tabata style too! Thank you for all of the wonderful workouts you post. I’m a runner but this has become my go to site on off days or days I can’t get out for a run due to life/family demands or on days when I want to supplement with something extra. Thank you!

  9. Linda

    Hi Melissa, I have just recently found your website and did this workout and loved it the modifications are wonderful. Have weight lifted for a long time however my shoulders and right elbow no longer tolerate things I used to be able to do. I have gained some weight and I am trying to lose it without killing my joints this is super helpful. I really appreciate the obvious hard work and dedication that has been placed into this site for us all to enjoy. Thank you!!

  10. Angela

    Found this one for day 10000+ of quarantine. thank you! It was awesome. I love all your workouts but it was a fun change up to have a friend with you.

  11. Meredith Ahmasuk

    I love this with modifications and how you reminded us to go at our own pace what feels right for our body, sometimes I try to keep up but it’s a good reminder to tell me to listen to my body thank you!

  12. Angie B

    This was a great workout and I liked the change in format. Not sure how I missed this one before, but it’s a keeper! I really love incorporating weights. Thank you Melissa for the wonderful content as usual

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