Better Booty Home Workout: Exercises for a Strong Butt

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Hi Everyone,

It’s workout time! Today’s workout is focused on the Lower Body. Grab two dumbbells (or something around the house to add some resistance to your workout), and get ready to sweat.

Today’s Workout: This routine is created to maximize engagement in the muscles that make up your backside. We will complete exercises that work our tush from every angle. I combined static, dynamic, body weight, weighted and single leg isolation exercises in this workout. This combination will activate, recruit your muscles, and challenge your body to adjust to several different types of challenge throughout the program.

New Workouts: We filmed a brand new workout last night. You can check out my social media accounts for a sneak peek into a few of the exercises from the new workout. I’m creating a new workout challenge.

Have fun with today’s workout! I love seeing your check-in posts and comments! Let me know how you feel and what you thought of the exercises.


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Don’t forget to include a Warm-Up and Cool Down.


Equipment: Interval Timer set for 15 rounds of 10/50 and two dumbbells. 
*I used two 20 lb dumbbells. Choose a weight that is appropriate for you. 
1. Sumo Squat Hop
2. Crossing Hip Thrust (right)
3. Crossing Hip Thrust (left)
4. Romanian Deadlift (weighted)
5. Goddess Squat (static)
6. Pendulum Squat Hop
7. Leg Series (right)
8. Leg Series (left)
9. Warrior Dead Lift (alternating) (weighted)
10. Table Top (static)
11. Surfer
12. Hip Thrust (right)
13. Hip Thrust (left)
14. Lunge Twist (weighted)
15. Chair Pose (static)
Repeat 1-3X
Sumo Squat Part 1:
Squat with chest lifted, butt reaching back behind you.
Don’t let the knees collapse in.
Video Tutorial:
Sumo Squat Part 2: Immediately Return to Part 1 and Hop Directly into the air. Video Tutorial:
Crossing Hip Thrust
Complete all reps right, and then all reps left.
Video Tutorial:
Romanian Deadlift
Weight of choice. Focus on keeping the back flat.
Butt reaches back with weight in the heels.
Squeeze through the glutes and hamstrings to return to standing. 
Goddess Squat
Hold this position. Thighs lower to parallel or as close as you can with knees pressing outward.
Do not allow the knees to collapse inward.
For increased shoulder ROM extend arms as pictured. Hands can also be placed in prayer position. 
Pendulum Squat Hop
Start with both legs together in a close leg squat.
Kick the right leg out to the side with the knee facing forward.
Return to Squat. Repeat Left.
From your starting position hop up, driving your hands toward the ceiling.
Leg Series
Start as pictured above.
Keep the hips lifted throughout the movement.
Core and glutes strong and engaged.
Raise the extended leg toward the ceiling.
Lower the hips toward the floor. Immediately press hips and foot back up.
Lower leg to starting position. Repeat.
Complete reps on both sides. 
Warrior/Single Leg Deadlift
Focus on keeping the back flat throughout the movement.
Weights stay close to your body.
Back leg extends, knee facing the floor.
Return to standing between each movement.
Complete all reps on both sides. 
Table Top Pose
This is a static pose.
Keep the hips lifted.
Straight line from knees, to hips, to shoulders.
Core and glutes strong and engaged.
Finger tips point toward the heels.
Hands directly below your shoulders.
*If you have decreased shoulder ROM you may not be able to form a straight line with your body.
Flexibility increases with time and practice. Do not force it. 
Keep the back straight.
Hips press back and lower your thighs toward parallel.
Jump into the air and rotate your body 180 degrees.
As you land focus on keeping the back straight and pressing the hips back. 
Single Leg Hip Thrust
Press your extended leg up and toward the ceiling.
Try to lift to a single leg table top position.
Bring the hips back toward the hands and repeat the movement.
Complete all reps and repeat on the other side. 
Weighted Lunge Twist
Start in standing position with arms bent at the elbows, weight at shoulder level.
Step back toward the corner of the room.
Turn toward the hip of the forward leg.
Bring the weight to the outside of your hip.
Return to start.
Repeat on the other side, alternating.  
Chair Pose
Core tight, extend the hips back and bend at the knees.
Hands can reach over head or hold at prayer position.
Hold this pose. 

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