20 Minute Full Body Fat Burning HIIT Workout: No Equipment

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Hi Everyone!

I have a brand new workout for you today! Today’s workout will take 20-Minutes per round. You can choose to go through it once, or you can repeat it up to 3X. I went through this workout once, and then finished up with my new Stretching for Beginners Workout.

Stretching for Beginners

Prior to starting this workout be sure to warm up. Warming up helps prevent injury, and will also allow you to maximize your workout results. When you are warmed up your body is able to work at a higher level from the moment the timer starts. When you skip your warm up your body is not working at it’s full capacity until several minutes into the workout.

I have a confession: I have been skipping my warm-ups. This is my virtual slap on the wrist, and reminder to myself to get my body warmed up. I never know exactly how long I will have to complete my workout. It is much trickier to fit it all in with a baby, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

The Workout: This is a full body workout, and it incorporates cardio bursts throughout the routine. I chose to do High Knees, but you can choose any cardio that you want. I list several cardio ideas in the video, but after completing the workout I thought Kettle Bell Swings would have been a good option.

I completed this workout with body weight only, but you can always add some resistance to increase the intensity. Great ideas to up the ante: are weighted vests, or performing some of the exercises with dumbbells.

Up and Coming Workouts: I have a special Kids Fitness Edition workout video headed your way. I am babysitting my niece and nephew once every week. Today they requested to be in a workout video. Obviously they know how to totally melt my heart. They were naturals! We did a quick, kid friendly workout that I look forward to sharing with you.

Not Fitness Related: I can’t believe that my baby is almost one! How has this year flown by so quickly? Every day he learns something new. Time really does seem to fly by these days. I’m trying to savor every moment.

My baby boy is growing up so fast!

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I am really trying to stick to a filming schedule so I can keep bringing you new workouts. Of course, any time there isn’t a new workout you still have over 700 free workouts to choose from on this site!

Thanks for working out with me today. See you soon,


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Gymboss miniMAX Interval TimerInterval Timer Set for 15 Rounds of 30/50
Complete 30-Seconds of Cardio Before Each Exercise

  1. Warrior III Squat-Alternating
  2. Frogger
  3. Side Plank Reach Through-Right
  4. Side Plank Reach Through-Left
  5. Camel Reach
  6. Leg Sweeps
  7. Roundkick Squats
  8. Close Squat Side Kick-Right
  9. Close Squat Side Kick-Left
  10. Dive Bomber
  11. Hydrant-Right
  12. Hydrant-Left
  13. Elbow Tap Pendulum-Right
  14. Elbow Tap Pendulum-Left
  15. Mountain Climbers

Repeat 1-3X

Warrior III


Close Squat Side Kick Press




12 thoughts on “20 Minute Full Body Fat Burning HIIT Workout: No Equipment

  1. Carol

    Two rounds and feeling great!!!! Thank you Melissa for being an inspiration to so many of us!! And Maverick gets more gorgeous every day! I know you must be a proud mama! Time definitely flies even faster when you become a parent! Savor every moment!!

  2. Melanie

    Thank you so much for posting amazing workouts. 10 minute warm followed by 2 rounds. 400 calories burned! I am so excited…I was able to execute dive bombers the entire 50 seconds for the first time ever today. Thank you for making me stronger!

  3. Nicole from Sydney

    Round house kicks and sweeping legs…. 2 of my new faves but ending on mountain climbers, I needed a good push!Melissa you’re in fine form and so inspirational

  4. Mel

    I was hoping u could give me some guidance. I’m 3 weeks post op from breast implants. I have been walking up hill on my treadmill and doing ur lower body workouts. Do u have any other suggestions? When can I start doing long distance running again?

  5. Tammy

    so much fun!! love the camel stretch and the kickouts to the side. I loved it all!! Thanks for taking the time to make it.

  6. Kim

    Just coming back to workout with Bender Fitness. I have taken some time off, plus had a hip replacement in January. I am37 and just feel in a plateau and I know these workouts will start to transform me to what I was before surgery! Thanks for a good round. Gonna try to do 2 rounds! Thanks for the inspiration

  7. Anonymous

    Love seeing pictures of maverick. He is so handsome. And that hair! My littlest and last turns 1 next week. Bittersweet.

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