16-Minute Core Workout: Stomach Toning & Fat Burning

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Hi Everyone!

Are you ready to work on strengthening and sculpting your mid-section? While we’re at it, let’s burn some fat during this workout too.

This workout will work your core from every angle. It also incorporates exercises to get your heart rate up and maximize your fat burning. Push through each exercise. You will have 10-seconds of recovery time before moving on to the next exercise. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself, breath heavy and work up a sweat. Those things don’t mean that you are “out of shape.” It means that you are challenging yourself.

Temple Tap Abs

If you want to increase the intensity of this workout you can do so by adding a weighted vest. You can modify to make the workout more or less intense, depending on what you need to make it challenging.

This has been a tough week for me workout wise. I planned a long run for Sunday, but I was going to be pushing Maverick and the weather dropped from 76 F. on Friday to 28 F. on Sunday. Monday I got in a short progression run, and yesterday I taught a 60-Minute yoga class. Today it will be back to HIIT for me.

Exercise and running are much easier for me when the weather is nice. I want to go outside and move. Getting motivated in the winter months has always been more challenging for me. I still do it, but there is a lot less motivation to get it done, and more determination to make it happen anyway.

Remember, it’s okay if you don’t always feel like working out. That’s human. You have to be consistent and make it happen even when you don’t have that motivation pushing you. I have never regretted doing a workout on a day when I didn’t feel like it. In fact, I always feel better after working out.

Have fun with today’s workout program! Remember, a strong core is the foundation for every exercise you do. It helps protect you from injury, and back pain. Don’t skip working your midsection! It will benefit your form, and your quality of life to have a strong core.

See you soon!


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Set your timer for 16 rounds of 10/50 seconds.


Beginner: 10 Reps
Intermediate: 15 Reps
Advanced: 20 Reps
*High Knees or Jump Rope: 60 Seconds or 150 Reps. 

1. High Knees or Jump Rope
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Temple Tap Abs
4. Walking Pushups
5. High Knees or Jump Rope
6. Mountain Climbers
7. Angel Abs
8. Plank Crunch
9. High Knees or Jump Rope
10. Mountain Climbers
11. V-Up
12. Knee Drop Plank
13. High Knees or Jump Rope
14. Mountain Climbers
15. Hip Lift Toe Touch
16. Spiderman Plank Extension

Repeat 1-3X

Optional: Pair with 30-Minutes Cardio of Choice




8 thoughts on “16-Minute Core Workout: Stomach Toning & Fat Burning

  1. Estelle

    Hi Bender’s Familly,
    Thank you for this amazing workout, intense and cardio.
    Did it 3 times and now l feel really good. 🙂
    Have a good day!
    Weather in south of France is amazing, so sunny with many flours !
    Kiss from France

  2. Nicole from Sydney

    My abs are spent! No one does temple tap abs like you Melissa…seriously, your form and control is truly inspiring. Thanks for the burn!

  3. Katherine

    Hi Melissa, Do you plan on bringing back your workout schedule? I miss it. I loved it when I need to workout at 5am and you haven’t posted your workout of the day yet. It was such a timesaver.

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