Full Body Fat Burn: Home Workout HIIT-No Equipment

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! It’s workout time again! Today’s workout requires no equipment, and will work your entire body. This is a HIIT workout, so as always push for maximum repetitions during each 50-second interval. You get 10-seconds of rest before moving on to the next exercise.

You can set your timer or follow along with the video. If you want to up the ante for the exercises and increase the intensity, you can do so by throwing on a weighted vest for an added challenge. Remember, there is always a way to modify the workouts, whether that means making it harder or making it easier.

Listen to your body, challenge yourself, and don’t be afraid to move outside of your comfort zone. It is that challenge that helps you to make progress. As you improve it’s important to keep challenging yourself. When you push you expand what you are capable of doing.

Weighted vest for an added challenge. 

Have fun with today’s workout and let me know how it goes! Did you find it challenging, not as challenging as you expected? Did you modify? I love hearing about how you are doing!

See you soon!


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Buy a Gymboss now.  Set your interval timer for 15 Rounds of 10/50 Second Intervals.

1. Burpee
2. Sumo Squat
3. Burpee
4. Pendulum Squat
5. Burpee
6. High Knees
7. Up/Down Dog (Dive Bomber)
8. High Knees
9. Walk the Plank
10. High Knees
11. Frogger
12. Temple Tap Abs
13. Frogger
14. Leg/Hip Lift
15. Frogger

Repeat 1-3X.



10 thoughts on “Full Body Fat Burn: Home Workout HIIT-No Equipment

  1. Chelsea

    Going for round two then off to day 1 of the 30 day sculpted ab challenge. Was going to start on Wednesday but way start later when I can start now!!!’ Thank you Melissa love every single one of your works. Appreciate your hard work. Best wishes to you and your family!

  2. Heather from Montana

    Two rounds awesome! Very challenging love your workouts. Healthy food choices and I am seeing amazing results! Thank you.

  3. Katie

    Melissa, I absolutely love your workouts! I do a couple rounds of each workout almost every day! However, I almost always have to modify moves like the frogger and burpee. My lower back just can’t handle it. Any advice for this problem?

    • Katie

      Did this one again today! Pushed hard and made it through most of the burpees and froggers! Gotta celebrate these small victories!

      • benderfitness

        Absolutely! I am huge on recognizing progress, and being able to push through more reps or more of the workout is a big victory!

    • benderfitness

      Keep modifying, and when you modify focus on keeping your core tight. Are you doing the low impact variation of these exercises (stepping in and out instead of jumping to/from the plank position)? You can also practice by doing your planks and practicing spiderman planks with strong form. 🙂

  4. Melanie

    Great workout! I repeated it twice and added a little treadmill walking/running after. My arms always give out on froggers. I have to alternate by burpee pushup with plank pushup and bent knees. Need to get my upper body stronger. One day at a time, and one awesome workout at a time.

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