10-Minute Total Body Toning Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time again! Today’s workout will only take 10-Minutes per round. This routine will help sculpt and strengthen your entire body. I used dumbbells in this workout, so if you have some grab them! If you don’t have them you can do the exercises with body weight, or grab some water bottles, or something from around the house to add resistance.

Adding resistance will increase the intensity of the workout, and increase the overall burn. Remember, work at your own level. If you find the workout challenging that’s a good thing! Get in as many reps as possible with good form.

Yesterday I read an article that said it doesn’t matter if you lift heavy, or lift light for more reps. Both techniques led to equal strength gains. When lifting heavy people tend to max out between 8-12 reps. When lifting light most people max out between 15-20 reps. The most important aspect of training, as it relates to building strength, is to get to your personal maximum.

The great thing about HIIT, is that it is designed for you to always go for your max reps. It’s a great way to progressively build your fitness, because you are always aiming to get in more reps during each interval. This helps to prevent your body from adjusting to the workout style.

I am a firm believer in versatility in workouts (which is why this website and my youtube channel currently have over 800 unique workouts). Don’t be afraid to mix up your workouts and try new things.  Moving your body, and trying things that challenge your strength, flexibility, endurance, all of it combines to help you improve your level of overall health and fitness.

Strength without flexibility leaves you more prone to injury. Flexibility without strength leaves you more prone to injury. Flexibility and strength combined will help you decrease your chance of injury. We should ultimately be seeking health, and balance in both our workouts and our lives.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout. It’s a fun, quick challenge. Let me know how many rounds you make it through. I teach my jogging class today, so I will be getting in between 3-4 miles of running, and I am aiming to do 2 rounds of this workout. My total workout time will be about 50-minutes. That is assuming everything goes according to plan. With an 8-month old plans sometimes change.

Wish me luck & have fun!

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Beginner: 30 seconds max reps, 15 seconds rest
Intermediate: 45 seconds max reps, 10 seconds rest
Advanced: 50 seconds max reps, 10 seconds rest

Interval Timer: Buy a Gymboss now.

1. Frogger Row
2. Twisting Dumbbell Hop
3. Romanian Warrior
4. Weighted Toe Touch Abs
5. Goblet Squat
6. Weighted Toe Tap or Weighted High Knees
7. Alternating Side Plank
8. Squat and Press
9. Temple Tap Abs
10. Down Dog Weight Drag

Repeat 1-4X

9 thoughts on “10-Minute Total Body Toning Home Workout

  1. Jess

    Loved this quick workout…Got me sweating! Did yesterday’s posted 10 min workout as well! Thank you again for your dedication and good luck with today!!

  2. Sherri

    Great workout

    I really liked following the weekly workout for February, is there a chance you may do that again. You have so many awesome workouts available but I am not good at putting together a weekly workout plan. Or maybe I just need a template. For example, how may days a week should I use weights, focus on upper, core, or lower body, add cardio?

    Any suggestions would be such an asset. Summer is just around the corner, time for shorts and sun dresses

    Thank you for all you do.

    • benderfitness

      I can definitely do that!

      If you are going to do a breakdowns aim for something like this:
      1. Full Body
      2. Core
      3. Glutes
      4. Yoga
      5. Full Body
      6. Arms

      You can add cardio 3-5X per week, or just repeat the workouts for more than one round. Total workout time can be anywhere from 15-60 minutes (including cardio) depending on the day. As far as weights, you can pick a weighted workout 1-2X per week. I will get a new schedule up on Sunday. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Melissa. I found myself doing the same high intensity interval training over and over. It seemed as if my body got used to this type of workouts and some areas of my body were overworked and others becoming weak.
        Thank you again for all you do. You’re an amazing gal.

  3. Megan Brenton

    Hi Melissa. I just want to let you know that I have been following for a little over a year. I have done some of your workouts here and there. After having my baby in November 2016 I knew it was time to make a change and commit to a healthy and active lifestyle. I am on week 5 of your postpartum workout a day I can’t believe my results. I have almost met my 1st goal! Thank you for helping us who don’t haveven the time to run to the gym or have the money for it either. You are a great inspiration be healthy and fit. I just wanted to say thank you. One question, after I complete this 6 week workout plan what workout series of yours should I do next? I still have some weight to lose and a lot of toning too. Any suggestions would be great.


  4. Suzie

    I have been going through the 30 day Lean muscle challenge and adding other workouts in with those on some days when I don’t feel like repeating the same workout. Today I skipped the day I was on for the Lean muscle challenge and did the workout with dragon Maverick in the background (So cute! I love it! It’s real life with kids) and 2 rounds of this workout. I am also doing the 30 burpee challenge. I am doing 2 sets of 15 with a break in between. 😉

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