Yoga Flow or Rest Day

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Workout Day #5. Today you have the option of completing today’s yoga flow or taking a rest day. If you rest do some gentle stretching, or light walking to help move out any stiffness or soreness. It will help your muscles recover so that you are ready for Day 6.

Hopefully you are feeling good so far! I have seen really great check-in posts, and comments letting me know people are liking the workouts. I have also heard a lot of people saying that they are super sore from the workouts. Listen to your body & stretch or rest as needed.

I am still working on my daily Split Stretching routine. I don’t feel like I am getting any closer yet, but I know that the daily practice and consistency will pay off. It’s also helping to relieve a lot of tension in my lower back.

We have an insanely busy schedule through Sunday night, so I won’t be filming any new workouts until next week, but I will still be doing the daily 30-Day challenge workout right along with you all!

Jesse, and our friend Jon also did a few rounds of one of the challenge workouts the other day, and they both have some residual muscle soreness. I often get asked if these workouts work for men, and the answer is Yes! These workouts are great for anyone. Remember, workouts can always be modified to suit your own needs.

Have fun with today’s workout!


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