At Home Body Tone Workout + 20-Minute Total Body HIIT Cardio Burn

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Hi Everyone!

I feel the need to workout today. Intensely. I’m tired, and feel sluggish, and I know that means my body is craving exercise. It sounds like a conundrum, but when I exercise I have more energy. Which means that not exercising can be a vicious cycle, because not exercising makes me feel tired, and then it’s harder to get moving. However, when I do I definitely notice the impact on my energy levels.

I have two workouts for you below. You can choose to do one, or pair them together. The first workout is low impact, but effective. The second workout is a cardio burn Total Body HIIT. Today is Black Friday, so I know a lot of people are getting their workout in by running from store to store, but I really feel the need to get in a great, sweaty workout today. Also, Black Friday shopping frightens me! I am staying away from the stores today. We are doing some photos for Maverick and then I am getting back to the safety of my home!


We had two amazing Thanksgiving celebrations, with my side of the family and Jesse’s side of the family. You guys probably already know how important my family is to me, but since having my son seeing him with our family just melts my heart and makes it feel so full at the same time.

Well, I am off to try and get in my workout early! I would like to have it done before we go for Maverick’s photos today. Sometimes when I push off my workout I end up missing it.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout(s)!


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Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

1. Plank Squat
2. Slow Mountain Climber
3. Side Sit-up Twist (right)
4. Side Sit-up Twist (left)
5. Warrior Lunge Lift (right)
6. Warrior Lunge Lift (left)
7. Starfish Can-Can
8. Prone Heel Press
9. Leg Series (right)
10. Leg Series (left)

Repeat 1-3X

Set your Interval Timer for 15 rounds of 30/50 seconds. 
Complete 30-Seconds of Cardio between each move. 

1. Swimmer
2. Prone X-Reach
3. Pendulum Hop
4. Superman Pushup
5. Cheek to Cheek
6. Curtsy Lunge Kick Alternating (*I only did one side in the video)
7. Low Jack
8. Oblique Pushup
9. Kneeling Side Kick (right)
10. Kneeling Side Kick (left)
11. Plie Jump
12. Alternating Warrior III
13. Stick Situp
14. Extended Pushup/Back Stretch (Pushup Back Stretch)
15. Jumping Jacks

Repeat 1-3X

Prone X-Reach
Pendulum Hop
Superman Pushup (Part 1)
Superman Pushup (Part 2)
Cheek to Cheek
Curtsy Lunge Kick (Part 1)
Curtsy Lunge Kick (Part 2)
Low Jacks
Oblique Pushups
Kneeling Side Kick
Plie Jump
Alternating Warrior III
Stick Situp
Extended Pushup/Backbend Stretch

6 thoughts on “At Home Body Tone Workout + 20-Minute Total Body HIIT Cardio Burn

  1. Sandra

    Nice workouts Melissa, I did these this morning and it was amazing as always. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m in Toronto Canada and our thanksgiving was in October. Maverick is growing so much and he’s sooooo cute, what a precious doll. God Bless and you my beautiful Mamma are looking incredible. Your workouts are amazing and I follow along each week, I don’t always have the time to comment because I have to get my little one ready and off to jk but you and Jesse are truly fantastic

  2. Jenny P.

    Both of these workouts were amazing…I did both back to back and I am a sweaty mess haha 😉 Quick question, I am unable to keep my back flat for the starfish. I’ve got alot of flexibility, so I can get my legs up high, but I find it super difficult to keep my back flat against the floor, especially with both legs raised. And not just for this, but in general…there are several exercises I’ve come across that you do with a flat back on the floor. Any advice or other exercises I can be doing to practice that or work up to it? Thank you!

  3. Karina Estrada

    Hey Melissa!!!!! Great Workouts. I’ve come a long way doing them. Last week I went to the doctor and I lost 15 lbs. in three months!! I’m seven weeks post-partum so MAYBE I’ll actually get to my pre-pregnancy weight this time around. I still have a LOOOONG ways to go (about 30 more lbs.) but I owe it to your workouts.

  4. Mel

    Can u please tell me how many times a week u worked out and for how long and what u did pre-baby? You look absolutely amazing now! I am just dying to get that lean look and I work out over an hour a day 45 mins cardio 20 mins HIIT and don’t see significant result. I eat so well also! Cook my own meals, don’t eat oils or butter or salt. I have been going through a lot of IVF rounds with failed results and find the meds make me gain weight. How do I take it off?!

    • benderfitness

      Thank you so much. All of the workouts that I have done for the past 5 years are what you see on this website. It sounds like you are on track with your diet. IVF and any interventions that impact your hormones will definitely result in weight fluctuations. With getting pregnant, it does help to have a healthy body fat level, but it may not be possible to achieve a super lean look while you are going through your IVF cycles.

      Are you going at the same intensity every day? It helps to vary intensity and take days off. Try switching the HIIT and cardio lengths around: 40-minutes of HIIT and 20 or cardio, and mix you what you do each day to see how your body responds.

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