16-Minute Total Body HIIT Workout: No Equipment, Fat Burning Body Weight Exercises

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! Are you ready for a great Total Body HIIT Workout? You don’t need any equipment for this one, but you will definitely feel the workout!

I especially liked the Side Plank L-Lifts. They are a tough exercise, so if they become too intense, hold your side plank. I do encourage you to try for as many reps of the full exercise as possible. Also, in the video I accidentally skipped one exercise and added it to the end. So when I say “This is the last exercise” there is actually one more move.

I actually filmed this workout as a tutorial only video about 5-years ago, with my friend and special guest, Cydney. Originally, I did this workout for reps:

Level 1: 10 Reps
Level 2: 15 Reps
Level 3: 20 Reps

You can choose to do it for Reps or as an Interval Workout with me. Or, you can aim to do one round of each. I used some different movement variations in this workout. You can scroll through the video before you get started to check out the exercises if you aren’t sure what they are.

I also posted the Day 2 Booty Sculpt Challenge Move of the Day below. I did two sets of 20 Reps in addition to the 16-Minute Total Body HIIT workout. I intended to get in 3 sets, but I got busy and forgot. I will be posting each Move of the Day here: https://www.benderfitness.com/30-day-booty-sculpt-move-of-the-day-challenge. I will have the Day 3 Exercise posted today.

My total workout yesterday was: 

1-Round of today’s workout.
3.6 Mile Run Outside
2 Sets of 20 Elevated Single Leg Squat

Can you believe he's almost 4 months old already!?!

Can you believe he’s almost 4 months old already!?!

Tomorrow my son will be 4-months old. It’s amazing how many skills he has learned in this relatively short period of time. I feel so much stronger than I did when I first started back to working out when I was 6-weeks postpartum.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout!

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Workout Top by: Affitnity

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1. Burpee Uppercut
2. Temple Tab Abs (tap right, tap left=1 rep)
3. Side Plank L-Lifts (left)
4. Side Plank L-Lifts (right)
5. Burpee Uppercut
6. Slow rolling abs
7. Alternating Leg lifts (right)
8. Alternating Leg Lifts (left)
9. Power Knee Ups (right)
10. Power Knee Ups (left)
11. Burpee Uppercuts
12. V-Leg/hip lift
13. 3 Kick Series (front kick, table kick, roundhouse=1 rep) (right)
14. 3 Kick Series (left)
15. Burpee Uppercut
16. Superman Crunch with Twist

Repeat 1-3X

4 thoughts on “16-Minute Total Body HIIT Workout: No Equipment, Fat Burning Body Weight Exercises

  1. Irina

    Thanks Melissa, great workout!
    What would you say if for beginners or those of us for whom it is difficult to do Side Plank L-Lifts to do this on elbow and the knee at first(if it makes sense), and then progress to full side plank? Will this be effective?

    Also, could you do a video on what to do if you get cold/flu exercise or not and how to star again, after one gets fit enough, please?

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