Sunday Run Day: #3: How Do Long Runs Make You Faster

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Hi Everyone!

We have another Great Sunday Run Day topic from Jesse. Today’s topic is: How Long Runs Make You a Faster Runner.

If you want to become a faster runner you should incorporate one long run per week. This run should be completed at an easy, conversational pace. If you are going hard enough/fast enough that you can’t hold a conversation you are moving to fast.

The length of the run is already placing an increased demand on your body. This run is about building oxygen receptors, blood volume, and overall fitness level. You can reap all of these benefits during a longer, easier paced run.

Jesse mentions in the video that a great technique to use to continue increasing your speed and improve your leg turn over is adding 3-5 Strides to the end of your long run.

What is a Stride? A stride is a quick, short run (he recommends 8-10 seconds) that isn’t an all out sprint, that will get your legs/body used to moving at a faster pace. Additionally, when you do it at the end of your long run you are conditioning your body to getting used to giving an extra push when you are tired. This can be a great asset at the end of a race, when you want to shave off a few more seconds of your race time and the finish line is in sight.

Do you have more Sunday Run Day topics you would like to see answered? Let us know in the comment’s below. 

Melissa & Jesse

PS If you are wondering how Jesse knows so much about running, he was a collegiate level nationally ranked Cross Country Runner. He was inducted into Point Park University’s Athletic Hall of Fame for his running accomplishments during his first year of eligibility. Jesse has had first place finishes in races of every distance from the 1-Mile, 5K, 8K, 10K, 5 Mile, 10 Mile and Half Marathon. He has not attempted at Full Marathon yet.

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