Postpartum & Beyond: Week 2: Workout 14: Rest Day

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Hi Everyone!

Today is a rest day. Take the day off, recover, and get ready for Week 3.

Rest is just as important as work, so don’t skip your rest day! This is the time when your muscles recover and grow stronger.

How are you feeling so far with this challenge? I feel stronger, but I know that I really need to focus on the eating side of things as well. I am breastfeeding, and since I started working out I notice that my appetite has skyrocketed.

I will be posting recipes this week. Since I am on maternity leave from work I am cooking a lot more. All those pinterest recipes I saved are finally getting made now that I have more time.

See you soon.

2 thoughts on “Postpartum & Beyond: Week 2: Workout 14: Rest Day

  1. Kate

    You always hear stories about how nursing helps you lose weight postpartum, but anecdotally, it seems like I and my nursing friends all experienced that extra bit of weight that came on (or at least wouldn’t go away) *during* nursing. I have heard that the body tries to protect its energy stores while nursing. I don’t know. I guess every body is different. Anyway, you’re absolutely amazing, and Maverick is lucky to be getting such a healthy start with all that good milk. 🙂

    • benderfitness

      That can absolutely be true! Plus your hormones are working differently, and it makes it harder to lose weight. To top it off you don’t want to cut calories too much and risk your milk supply.

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