Better Booty Workout: Glutes, Hamstrings, Thighs & Legs

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Good Morning Everyone!

Yesterday we worked out Core with the Extended Plank Workout. Today we are focused on the lower half of our body with the Better Booty Workout.

Grab some dumbbells (or a barbell if you prefer!) and get ready to work up a sweat. Even though there aren’t any plyometric moves in this workout it had me sweating and breathing hard when I filmed it!

Post-Workout Sweat

Post-Workout Sweat

Focus on form, and move as quickly as you can between each exercise. If you need a break listen to your body & select the number of reps that is right for you. By the end of the exercise it should be difficult to get in those last few reps. If it’s still easy it’s either time to increase the amount of weight you are using, or increase your number of Reps and/or Rounds.

Remember, it’s the challenge that changes you and makes you stronger!

Have fun with today’s workout!


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Beginner: 10 Reps
Intermediate: 15 Reps
Advanced: 20 Reps

1. Front Squat
2. Mountain Climber
3. Lunge Kick (right)
4. Lunge Kick (left)
5. Hip Thrust Frogger
6. Bulgarian Split Squat (right)
7. Bulgarian Split Squat (left)
8. Romanian Deadlift
9. Hip Thrust (right)
10. Hip Thrust (left)

Repeat 1-4X

Lunge Kick (part 1): Both Knees form 90 Degree Angles. Front knee over ankle.
Lunge Kick Part 2: Kick the rear leg to a comfortable height.
Return to starting position. 
Split Squat (part 1): Back foot rests comfortably on a sturdy surface. 
Split Squat (part 2): Lower your body, bringing the front thigh parallel to the ground.
Knee stays behind your toes.
Straighten the front leg to return to starting position. 
Hip Thrust Frogger: In between each exercise return to a solid plank.
Form a straight line from shoulders, hips, to heels. 





4 thoughts on “Better Booty Workout: Glutes, Hamstrings, Thighs & Legs

  1. Christy Barber

    I love your website! I just found it a week ago and love, love, love the workouts! So my question is: My bar pad rolls. It looks like yours stays put when you do your front squats. What kind is it? Thanks so much.

  2. Jennifer

    Can you please tell us how many resp you will be doing whileyoure getting ready to do the exercise?
    I knows all written but when I’m watching the video I like to mentally prepare for how many there are.

    Also, can you tell us how much weight you are using? If you use 20lbs, i usually use 10lbs, I gauge by how much you’re using

    Thank you

    I enjoy all of your workouts!

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