20-Minute Cardio HIIT & Sweat: Workout to Burn Fat & Sculpt Lean Muscles: Metabolism Booster!

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time again! Today’s workout is a 20-Minute Cardio HIIT & Sweat Workout. This routine utilizes jump rope fat burning intervals with body weight exercises to work you out from head to toe. If you don’t have a jump rope don’t worry! You can do the movement without the rope, substitute high knees, or substitute another cardio burst of choice (Burpees anyone?)

Remember, there is always a way to modify a workout or exercise to make it fit your needs! Which reminds me, I want to give a special birthday shoutout to two special people today: My father in law & my friend (who has been a special guest on BenderFitness!), Nicole! Nicole joined me for several workouts including this Hands Free: Standing Lower Body Workout. It’s a workout that is body weight only, and you don’t even have to get down on the floor for any of the exercises!

Have fun with today’s workout! I will also be posting an article later this evening on Running During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy. Can you believe that I’m 34-weeks pregnant already? I posted a video on my Instagram (@BenderFitness) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/MelissaBenderFitness) of me running with my big baby bump. My workouts have changed, but they feel amazing!

Have fun today!

Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Set your Interval Timer for 15 rounds of 30/50 seconds. 

 -Jump Rope
1. Burpee
  -Jump Rope
2. Supergirl Pushup
  -Jump Rope
3. High Knees
  -Jump Rope
4. Down Dog Hop (right)
  -Jump Rope
5. Down Dog Hop (left)
  -Jump Rope
6. Mountain Climber
  -Jump Rope
7. Leg Lift Plank
  -Jump Rope
8. Side Lunge Puch
  -Jump Rope
9. Single Leg Hip Thrust (right)
  -Jump Rope
10. Single Leg Hip Thrust (left)
  -Jump Rope
11. Walk the Plank
  -Jump Rope
12. Hop to Lunge (right)
  -Jump Rope
13. Hop to Lunge (left)
  -Jump Rope
14. Crescent Pushup (right)
  -Jump Rope
15. Crescent Pushup (left)

Repeat 1-3X


10 thoughts on “20-Minute Cardio HIIT & Sweat: Workout to Burn Fat & Sculpt Lean Muscles: Metabolism Booster!

  1. Heidi

    Oh my! Melissa, I am always doing your workouts, especially when i feel like my body plateaus with the other workouts I do. This workout was amazing. Thank you for doing what you do.

  2. Butterfly

    Wow, this was tough… But I love your workouts and the feeling post-workout 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing your videos with us. Greets from Germany

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