15-Minute Plank and Buns: Body Weight Home Workout for Abs & Glutes (No Equipment)

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Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you’re ready for today’s workout! This workout is 100% Body Weight and very effective. You don’t need a ton of equipment to get in a great workout.

As always, if you have more time you can repeat this workout, or pair it with another workout of choice. The day that I filmed this workout I paired it with a 6-mile run.

If you are following along with the workouts I have posted this week I shared links to each one below. This week’s workouts so far:

Sculpt & Tighten: Full Body, No Equipment Home Workout + 15 Minute Cardio Fat Burn Challenge

Arms + Full Body Home Workout Combo: 20-Minutes

HIIT: 15 Minute Cardio Fut Up: Full Length Home Workout

15-Minute Sculpted Body Home Workout with Dumbbells

Have fun with today’s workout!!! Let me know what you think on Instagram or Twitter: @BenderFitness and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MelissaBenderFitness.

It has been another super hectic week, and I feel like I haven’t gotten in any really good workouts for myself. I’m 32-Weeks Pregnant, and since I had the Norovirus over the weekend I have still been pretty tired. Plus I am playing catch up on all of my weekend chores that didn’t get done last weekend.

That includes Blog Updates and New Workouts! This weekend I plan on getting stuff done (and not being sick, woohoo!)

See you soon!

Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 rounds of 10/50. 

1. Plank
2. Lunge Hop (right)
3. Windshield Wiper Plank
4. Lunge Hop (left)
5. Knee Drop Plank
6. Hydrant (right)
7. Plank Press
8. Hydrant (left)
9. Plank
10. Pendulum Squat
11. Windshield Wiper Plank
12. Wall Sit Leg Lift (right)
13. Knee Drop Plank
14. Wall Sit Leg Lift (left)
15. Plank Press

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 15-30 Minutes of Cardio
If you aren’t a runner you can pair this with a 15 Minute Cardio HIIT Workout.


4 thoughts on “15-Minute Plank and Buns: Body Weight Home Workout for Abs & Glutes (No Equipment)

  1. Shannon

    Coupled this with trial by burpee & I’m dripping sweat! Thanks for always pushing us to get/stay in shape.

  2. Hi from Germany 🙂

    yesterday evening i did these workout at 9.30 pm after I got home from work.

    I had a taff day, I was in a bad mood, because I had to work late and I was mad at me because in the morning I was to lazy to work out or to run.

    After I got home from work I decided I have to do something, even If I workout only for 15 min.. so I did these workout. Afterwards I felt so good, and I compared it with the recommended cardio workout ,15 Minute Cardio HIIT(https://www.benderfitness.com/2014/03/30-day-challenge-day-24-15-minute-cardio-hiit.html)
    My workout was only 30 min total.. but I was glad that I have done something, instead of doing nothing and having a bad mood. It felt so good, I was sweaty and I had good mood and the stress of the work was blown away.I often look at the page and try to integrate your workout into my workout or simply make one or two workouts from Fitness Bender 🙂
    I love your side and your workouts
    Thanks for the motivation and inspiration
    Kind regards from Germany

  3. Kate

    Yay, Manuela! I always work out after nine pm. and most of the time it’s a similar situation to yours. Thank god for Melissa, right? That’s one thing I love about Melissa; it seems like she often is working out at night too and I love how she says “have a good night” at the end of the workouts. But hey, Melissa: you’re about to have a baby—we understand completely if you can’t post new workouts. I enjoy and appreciate your notes paired with old workouts. It’s more than most of us probably would have the energy t do at 32+ weeks.

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