30-Week Fit Pregnancy Update

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Hi Everyone!

I am in the Third Trimester, which means that the countdown to meeting Baby Bender is winding down toward the conclusion! I still have a while left to go, but if the Third Trimester goes as quickly as the first two, Baby will be here before we know it! This week (on Wednesday) I will be 30-weeks pregnant.

Jesse and I had a super busy weekend. We got a lot done, but it seems like it should only be Friday night, and it’s already Sunday! How does the work week roll back around so quickly? I went for a walk yesterday and today, but I didn’t do a formal workout routine either day. We had a lot on our agenda Saturday (speaking at a Women’s Health Conference, spending time with my cousin from out of state & my sister, attending a Comic Convention), which meant all of our Saturday to-do list got shifted to Sunday. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the house, cleaning our cars, etc, all got shifted to today. I wanted to film one to two workouts this weekend, and it just didn’t happen.

Beautiful Evening Walk.

Beautiful Evening Walk.

It was nice to have a more physically restful weekend, but I do miss my regular workouts. Lately it has seemed like Jesse and I have so much to do around the house, or with our cars (I finally got mine back from my accident with the deer a few weeks ago!) that it’s bedtime before I know it! I have been getting outside to walk daily because the weather is nice and after our recent cold spell I want to soak it all in.

Last week my workouts looked like this:

SundayBoot Camp HIIT: 38-Minute No Equipment Full Body Workout

Monday: 3.1 Mile Walk + 50 Flights of Stairs

Tuesday: 2 Mile Walk + 50 Flights of Stairs

Wednesday: 5.01 Mile Easy Run (10 Minute, 16 second/mile pace)

Thursday: 3.14 Mile Walk

Friday: 49-Minute Walk

Saturday: 60-Minute Walk

Sunday (today): 30 Minute AM Walk to the Produce Store & Back, 45 Minute PM Walk

This week my goal is to get in more of my BenderFitness workouts, as well as running 1-3X. Unfortunately, I have to bring my car back to the shop tomorrow after work because the drivers side mirror isn’t adjusting, and one of the panels seems to be loose. If I get home in time I am planning on filming a Fit Pregnancy Core specific workout. It will still be a great core routine for anyone willing to try it, but it will incorporate all exercises that are safe pre-natally and-post partum.

I feel best when I am getting in some more challenging workouts (like HIIT and running). I still have no discomfort with running (knock on wood!) I move more slowly to make sure I am not over-doing it. Every direction you run from my house includes multiple hills, so I pace myself and talk during my runs to make sure my exertion level isn’t going to high.

reading list

Currently Reading

I am also taking time to prioritize some of the things I love, such as reading. I don’t know how much reading time I am going to have once the Baby is here and I want to get in as much as I can!

In general, my energy levels are great. My weight gain is on track. I am using Organic Coconut Oil on my skin daily & drinking 12-15 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. I haven’t had any real cravings. Baby is super active all day long, and has some very intense kicks. My doctor said that I passed my Glucose test “With flying colors.” Basically, if it wasn’t for the super active baby & the round belly I wouldn’t even feel pregnant! I think exercise, and staying active is having a hugely positive impact on my body.

That’s my pregnancy update! Thanks for sticking with me, and all of the throwback workouts I have been posting. I can’t wait to be back on a regular filming schedule!


Snacking on lots of fruit & veggies.

Snacking on lots of fruit & veggies.

6 thoughts on “30-Week Fit Pregnancy Update

  1. Chelsea

    So great to hear that you and baby Bender are doing good. It’s so awesome to feel the baby kick. Mine would kick all the time during my social psychology class. I guess she found it be as interesting as I did! I walked a lot during my pregnancy. In between classes I would walk around campus. You’re such a wonderful mommy and can’t wait for the lil guy to be here!

  2. Marina

    Very nice update. enjoy the time you have now. Having a baby is so precious and wonderful, but the days do fly by even faster. That is the great part about your home workouts. I don’t have to take even more time out of a busy schedule to drive to the gym. Love all that you do. Thanks!

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