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30-Week Fit Pregnancy Update

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Hi Everyone!

I am in the Third Trimester, which means that the countdown to meeting Baby Bender is winding down toward the conclusion! I still have a while left to go, but if the Third Trimester goes as quickly as the first two, Baby will be here before we know it! This week (on Wednesday) I will be 30-weeks pregnant.

Jesse and I had a super busy weekend. We got a lot done, but it seems like it should only be Friday night, and it’s already Sunday! How does the work week roll back around so quickly? I went for a walk yesterday and today, but I didn’t do a formal workout routine either day. We had a lot on our agenda Saturday (speaking at a Women’s Health Conference, spending time with my cousin from out of state & my sister, attending a Comic Convention), which meant all of our Saturday to-do list got shifted to Sunday. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the house, cleaning our cars, etc, all got shifted to today. I wanted to film one to two workouts this weekend, and it just didn’t happen.

Beautiful Evening Walk.

It was nice to have a more physically restful weekend, but I do miss my regular workouts. Lately it has seemed like Jesse and I have so much to do around the house, or with our cars (I finally got mine back from my accident with the deer a few weeks ago!) that it’s bedtime before I know it! I have been getting outside to walk daily because the weather is nice and after our recent cold spell I want to soak it all in.

Last week my workouts looked like this:

SundayBoot Camp HIIT: 38-Minute No Equipment Full Body Workout

Monday: 3.1 Mile Walk + 50 Flights of Stairs

Tuesday: 2 Mile Walk + 50 Flights of Stairs

Wednesday: 5.01 Mile Easy Run (10 Minute, 16 second/mile pace)

Thursday: 3.14 Mile Walk

Friday: 49-Minute Walk

Saturday: 60-Minute Walk

Sunday (today): 30 Minute AM Walk to the Produce Store & Back, 45 Minute PM Walk

This week my goal is to get in more of my BenderFitness workouts, as well as running 1-3X. Unfortunately, I have to bring my car back to the shop tomorrow after work because the drivers side mirror isn’t adjusting, and one of the panels seems to be loose. If I get home in time I am planning on filming a Fit Pregnancy Core specific workout. It will still be a great core routine for anyone willing to try it, but it will incorporate all exercises that are safe pre-natally and-post partum.

I feel best when I am getting in some more challenging workouts (like HIIT and running). I still have no discomfort with running (knock on wood!) I move more slowly to make sure I am not over-doing it. Every direction you run from my house includes multiple hills, so I pace myself and talk during my runs to make sure my exertion level isn’t going to high.

Currently Reading

I am also taking time to prioritize some of the things I love, such as reading. I don’t know how much reading time I am going to have once the Baby is here and I want to get in as much as I can!

In general, my energy levels are great. My weight gain is on track. I am using Organic Coconut Oil on my skin daily & drinking 12-15 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. I haven’t had any real cravings. Baby is super active all day long, and has some very intense kicks. My doctor said that I passed my Glucose test “With flying colors.” Basically, if it wasn’t for the super active baby & the round belly I wouldn’t even feel pregnant! I think exercise, and staying active is having a hugely positive impact on my body.

That’s my pregnancy update! Thanks for sticking with me, and all of the throwback workouts I have been posting. I can’t wait to be back on a regular filming schedule!


Snacking on lots of fruit & veggies.

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