Lean Muscle Stretch & Fat Burn: 20 Minute Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is a different type of challenge! It utilizes movements that require strength and stretches your muscles at the same time. This is a great way to build lean muscle while maintaining your flexibility. I also incorporated cardio bursts throughout the workout to keep your heart rate up and burn fat.

I found this routine challenging, and I hope you do too! Push yourself throughout to do the most reps you can with good form. With workouts you get out what you put in, so you really want to challenge yourself. The goal is to challenge your body, work up a sweat, and increase your heart rate.

Flexibility is also important for all of your workouts because it allows you to utilize your full range of motion during every exercise you do. This means you are using your muscles more fully during each exercise. This workout utilizes each plane of motion to help you achieve muscular balance and strength throughout your body, while maintaining bio-mechanical alignment.

When I filmed this, I followed one round of this workout with a 30-Minute run outside.

I am off of work today, so will be playing catch-up with blogging and responding to comments. 🙂

Have fun with this one!


Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 Rounds of 30/50

*30 Second Cardio Burst Between Each Exercise: Jump Rope or High Knees

1. Dive Bomber
2. Heel Press Plank-Right
3. Heel Press Plank-Left
4. Runners Lunge to Warrior Stretch-Right
5. Runners Lunge to Warrior Stretch-Left
6. Single Leg Squat to Dancer-Right
7. Single Leg Squat to Dancer-Left
8. Side Plank Kick-Right
9. Side Plank Kick-Left
10. Forward Fold Lift-Right
11. Forward Fold Lift-Left
12. Down Dog Hop-Right
13. Down Dog Hop-Left
14. Knee Cross Side Plank-Right
15. Knee Cross Side Plank-Left

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30 Minutes of Cardio

Dive Bomber: Part 1
Dive Bomber: Part 2
Dive Bomber: Part 3
Heel Press Plank: Right
Heel Press Plank: Left
Runner’s Lunge to Warrior Stretch: Part 1
Runner’s Lunge to Warrior Stretch: Part 2
Single Leg Squat to Dancer: Part 1
Single Leg Squat to Dancer: Part 2
Single Leg Squat to Dancer: Opposite Side
Side Plank Kick: Part 1
Side Plank Kick: Part 2
Forward Fold Lift: Part 1
Forward Fold Lift: Part 2
Forward Fold Lift: Part 3
Down Dog Hop: Part 1
Down Dog Hop: Part 2 (For Modification Skip Part 3)
Down Dog Hop: Part 3
Knee Cross Side Plank: Part 1
Knee Cross Side Plank: Part 2







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