Standing Lower Body: Highly Effective Low Impact Workout

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you are ready to start the weekend off with a great workout. Today’s workout is a throwback workout that I filmed about a year and a half ago, after I was rear-ended in a car accident. I am 100% fine now, so don’t worry when I mention it in the video!

I have received a lot of messages and comments yesterday and today because there wasn’t a new workout posted. Sadly, Jesse’s grandmother passed away. We have been mourning her, and have her funeral this morning. She was a wonderful woman, and we have been blessed to have her in our lives. I am not ignoring you (or the website). If you are ever looking for a new workout, and I don’t have one posted, there are over 700 different workouts on this site. It’s easy to browse them on my Fitness page on Pinterest: BenderFitness on Pinterest.

I hope you all enjoy today’s workout. I will get more posted this weekend when we get home. I also have a new recipe to share with you.

Have a wonderful start for your weekend & work up a good sweat!

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1. Squat
2. Wall Sit Leg Lift (right)
3. Wall Sit Leg Lift (left)
4. Around the World Lunge (right)
5. Around the World Lunge (left)
6. Step-Up (right)
7. Step-Up (left)
8. Split Squat (right)
9. Split Squat (left)
10. Sit to Stand (right)
11. Sit to Stand (left)
12. Side Step Up Lift (right)
13. Side Step Up Lift (left)
14. Goddess Squat Reach (right)
15. Goddess Squat Reach (left)

Repeat 1-3X






10 thoughts on “Standing Lower Body: Highly Effective Low Impact Workout

  1. So very sorry for the loss of Jesse’s grandmother. Take all the time you need and know we’re all here for you! Posting a new workout can wait. 🙂 There are more important things.

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