Melissa Bender Interview: Keeping Fitness 100% Free + Balancing Life & Fitness

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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share this video of my interview with Millionaire Hoy & SweatStreamTV. It’s a chance for you all to get to know me a little better, and maybe learn something about me that you didn’t know!

We talk about a lot of topics from my fitness philosophy to my diet. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below. It’s been a while since Jesse and I did our last Questions and Answers video. We love hearing your questions and getting a chance to respond personally to your comments and fitness concerns.

I have a cold & sore throat, so if I sound funny during the podcast that’s why. I am doing everything I can to fight this cold off naturally, but a doctor’s visit might have to be in my future.

I hope you enjoy the interview! It was a pleasure talking to Millionaire Hoy. He has a great fitness channel that is worth checking out.


9 thoughts on “Melissa Bender Interview: Keeping Fitness 100% Free + Balancing Life & Fitness

  1. Heather Jordan

    You’re amazing Melissa! I started my journey March 2015. I was overweight, which I’ve never had a weight problem my entire life, I’ve always been petite and at a perfect weight. I’m 5’0 and always weighed 105-110. I started gaining like crazy because of a lot of stress. My daughter who’s now 17, has cystic fibrosis and was sick for months at a time. We almost lost her. I cannot even come close to telling you the heartache that alone brought me. I felt like a failure as a mother. But, I knew I was doing everything needed. It was just the disease itself progressing in her lungs and body. The stress of all that and the guilt of not being with my boys, I have two sons as well and my husband, was so overwhelming. Long story short, I was 75lbs overweight by the time I said enough is enough. I started looking online, and I watched your videos. I knew right away, this is what’s right for me! I started slow and determined to not give up! Even though I wanted to. I was and still am very determined!! I’ve lost almost all that weight and I’m still going strong!! Determination is key to continuing my own fitness journey. I have you to thank for all of it!! Plus my husband and children for being here for me through all the good, bad and ugly times I’ve had!! So, thank you Melissa!! You’re my inspiration and have made my own fitness and health journey so amazing with every single workout you’ve done for all of us! I will never go back to that woman…. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

  2. sherry

    I have been a fan of the Benders and Millionaire Hoy for long time rotating my workouts between U both for 2 years or more. Love all U guys do.

  3. Anonymous

    Loved, loved, loved! Good to hear you dislike lunge jumps and froggers as much as me! Really enjoyed this interview Melissa.
    Keep up the fantastic work….love your workouts and love hearing about your pregnancy…..thank you to you and Jesse for keeping me motivated here in Bonnies Scotland. Xxx…❤️❤️❤️

  4. Grace Richards

    Very interesting interview! Just goes to show how genuinely passionate about health and fitness you are. I have learned so much about fitness and about myself since following your blog so thank you for being who you are. I have struggled with eating disorders for over 15 years and you have helped me to regain balance in my life and to own a new sense of love and appreciation for my body. You are an inspiration to so many people, thank you to both of you for working so hard. Baby Bender is one lucky little boy to have you as parents xxx

  5. Listening. I was surprised to find out that you were centered in yoga before! I have noticed a lot more yogic inspired strength moves in your HIIT than in other peoples’ HIIT styles.

  6. Anonymous

    I too have noticed a lot of yoga moves incorporated into the HIIT workouts. It’s a nice change from my standard HIIT workouts (I am a BodyRock follower.) I like how a lot of your moves are still intense, yet low impact. Thanks to both you and Jesse for filming the workouts, I am a devoted follower now! I’m continuing to do the Bender workouts while pregnant. I had a C-section with my last pregnancy and the recovery didn’t prevent my from getting back into workouts…but the sleep deprivation I endured for the 6 weeks certainly did.

  7. S.Cain

    This pod cast made me respect you more than I already do. You’re a great person for not selling out and helping us get fit with you for free. I commend you and Jesse.

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