Fit & Healthy Workout Challenge: Day 9: 20-Minute Plank, Push-up & Burn: Workout to Burn Fat and Sculpt Abs

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 9 of my Fit & Healthy DietBet Workout Challenge! I hope you’re ready for today’s workout (the video is below)! This was a fun, but challenging set. I created this workout to focus on strengthening the core and burning fat. This routine will also work your arms, chest and back.

Every other exercise is a plank or push-up variation. If you are still working on building to a full push-up you can do the plank variation of the movement. For example, for the toe touch push-ups you can choose to skip the push-up (or perform it from your knees), alternating the plank position with the toe reaches.

It is worth building up to the push-up! Push-ups are one of the best workouts you can do to strengthen your core. Just make sure you use appropriate form. It’s better to do two full push-ups with good form and then switch to plank, than to do 10 push-ups with incorrect form.

Remember, there is always a way to modify a workout to make it work for you. If it is challenging for you it is working. If it gets easy, it’s time to increase the intensity.

You can repeat this workout or pair it with 30-Minutes Cardio of choice. Aim for a total workout time of 30-60 Minutes today. I also posted the video for my 10-Minute Jump Rope Workout below so you have a 10-Minute Cardio option to pair with this workout. Remember, if you don’t have a jump rope you can always do rope less jumping (pretend you have a jump rope and complete the moves).

Have fun with today’s workout!

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Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 rounds of 30/50. 
My cardio of choice was jumping rope, but you can also choose High Knees. 

1. Toe Touch Push-ups
2. Side Plank Knee/Lift (right)
3. Side Plank Knee/Lift (left)
4. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
5. Criss Cross Plank
6. Elevator Plank (right)
7. Elevator Plank (left)
8. Dive Bomber
9. Windshield Wiper Plank
10. Plank Jack Push-up
11. Knee Drop Plank
12. Supergirl Push-up
13. Heel Press Plank (right)
14. Heel Press Plank (left)
15. Rotating Push-ups

Repeat 1-3X

Toe Touch Push-Ups:
Start in Plank Position. Reach your right hand back to touch your left foot, while lifting the hips.
Return to Plank position, complete a push-up.
Repeat on Opposite Side.
Video Tutorial here: Toe Touch Push-Up
Side Plank Knee/Lift:
Start in Side Plank. Lift the leg (as you would in a jumping jack).
Bring the Knee in Toward your Chest.
Return to starting position. Complete all reps on the right, and then repeat on the left. 
Reverse Plank Leg Lift:
Start in a reverse plank position. Lift the hips to form a straight line from heels, to hips to shoulders.
Place hands below shoulders.
Hold this position, or increase the intensity by alternating leg lifts.
Keep the hips lifted and core tight throughout each exercise. 
Criss-Cross Plank:
Start in plank position. Bring the right knee in toward the left elbow.
Keeping the knee forward transition it toward the left elbow.
Return to plank.
Bring left knee in toward right elbow, and then across to the left elbow.
Continue to alternate sides. 
Elevator Plank:
Start in plank position. Bring your right knee in toward your right arm.
Move your knee up and down from wrist toward arm pit.
Keep the core strong and engaged though out the exercise.
Repeat on the other side. 
Dive Bomber:
Transition from Plank to Down Dog Position.
Bend both arms and sweep the chest toward the floor.
Allow the hips to follow as you push forward to Up-Dog.
Bend the arms to return to starting position and repeat. 
Windshield Wiper Plank:
Start in Plank Position (on forearms or extended arms).
Alternating legs, take a step out to the side, and return to plank position. 
Plank Jack:
Start in plank position.
Jump Both Feet out as you would in a jumping jack.
Hold Plank or add a push-up.
Return to starting position and repeat.
Video Tutorial Here: 
Plank Jack.
Knee Drop Plank:
Start in a forearm plank with hands clasped.
Form a straight line from heels, to hips to shoulders.
Keep the hips in the same position and bend the knees to just above (or lightly touch) the ground.
Keep the core strong and tight.
Return to starting position and repeat. 
Supergirl Push-Up:
Start in Plank.
Reach Right Arm and Left Foot toward opposite walls.
Return to Plank. Optional: Complete a push-up.
Return to plank.
Reach Left Arm and Right Foot.
Repeat, alternating sides. 
Heel Press Plank:
Start in a Forearm Plank.
Bend Right Knee, Flex the Foot, and Press your Heel to the Ceiling.
Continue to pulse and press.
Complete full cycle, and repeat on the opposite side. 
Rotating Push-Ups:
Start in Plank Position with feet hip distance or slightly wider apart.
Complete a Push-Up (optional).
Rotate into a right side plank, coming onto the sides of the feet.
Reach the left arm up toward the ceiling.
Return to Plank.
Complete Push-Up
Continue to alternate sides.


8 thoughts on “Fit & Healthy Workout Challenge: Day 9: 20-Minute Plank, Push-up & Burn: Workout to Burn Fat and Sculpt Abs

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Melissa, I usually do not have any trouble viewing your videos. However, this video seems to stream constantly. Is there something I could try to better view this video without the skipping? Thx. This one was a toughie. Kim Alexander

  2. Anonymous

    When my children nap at the same time, I love to push my couch aside and pull out the jump rope! Thank you for great work outs this week.

  3. Karen P

    Had a heavy leg and glutes workout yesterday. This was a challenging “recovery” workout (did high knees, instead). Whew!! Thank you, Melissa!

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