Fit & Healthy Workout Challenge: Day 21: 23-Minute High Intensity Interval Workout: Full Body Cardio (HIIT)

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Hi Everyone!

We are starting Week 4 of my 4-Week Workout Challenge today! I hope you enjoyed your rest day yesterday, because we are going into this week strong! Today’s workout will take 23-Minutes Per Round.

You can repeat this workout 1-2X or pair it with an alternate cardio to make your total workout time between 30-60 Minutes today. This is a high intensity workout that will get you sweaty, especially if you push through and try to get in as many reps as you can with each interval. Be sure to warm up before starting the workout.

Your warm up should be 5-10 minutes of dynamic movements (Jogging, walking, jumping jacks, jump rope, leg swings, etc) to get your heart rate up and your muscles warm. Stretching should be save for after your workout. You don’t want to stretch cold muscles.

Enjoy today’s workout!

Max Reps During Each 60 second interval, 30 seconds of High Knees between exercises. 

*Beginners start with 30 seconds of max reps, 15 seconds of rest (or high knees) between exercises. 
*HIIT workouts are very intense. Push yourself, but also listen to your body and be sure to warm up first.

1. Decline Pushups
2. Double Squat Jump
3. Burpee
4. Reverse Hook Crunch
5. Spiderman Plank
6. Frogger
7. Lunge Jump
8. Surfer
9. Single Leg Frogger
10. Temple Tap Abs
11. Frog Hopper
12. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right)
13. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
14. Rotating Side Plank Crunch
15. Squat Twist

Repeat 1-2X






11 thoughts on “Fit & Healthy Workout Challenge: Day 21: 23-Minute High Intensity Interval Workout: Full Body Cardio (HIIT)

  1. Ann

    Hi Melissa!My Husband and me Will move to 2 nd Floor apartmant ,how CAN do My exercise without cardio,no jump up..:(can u help me please with somehow what exercise I can do ?I don’t wanna go gym ,I prefer home workouts, thank u

  2. Alina

    Hey Melissa, really thank for trainings. I knew long time about you. But I got that I really need to train every week not so long time ago. Now my weight around 85kg, but with any new training I am getting stronger. May be you may propose something or already have for lush chest?

  3. Vikki

    This was TOUGH!!! When I started following you I admired your amazing stamina and strength. Now I can almost keep up with you. My 11 and 8 year old daughters did this one with me tonight and while there form was not spot on we spent some quality family time staying healthy. Thanks for your free workouts that allow me to include my children in my fitness journey without any added expense!

  4. Kell

    Been fighting body fatigue all day (recovering from pneumonia) …. but made myself move it….. only managed 19 minutes, but was worth it.. will try again to kick it all the way through..

  5. Chelsea

    This one has always been TOUGH!!! I like to come back to it every now and then to check to see if my strength and endurance is improving. Did this one in the morning before work and I can def say I’m getting STRONGER!!! I was able to do all moves without taking a break. One day I know I will be able to do two rounds. Thank you for setting such a great example of health and fitness. And big big thanks for all your workouts. I’m the healthiest I have ever been, inside and out. Congrats to you and Jesse on the birth of your beautiful son. Many blessing to the three of you!

    • benderfitness

      Thank you! It’s such a great feeling when you make it all the way through without stopping! That’s such a challenge in it’s self. I also love that you are able to use it as a bench mark for your progress. I can’t wait until you comment saying you made it through two rounds! 🙂

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