Fit & Healthy Workout Challenge: Day 22: Core Burn Ab Torcher Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 22 of my 4-Week Workout Challenge! Today’s workout is focused on the core. I have two core videos for you today. The first video is timed & will take 10-Minutes per round. The second video is for Reps, with timed exercises in between. The second video took me 20 Minutes, but it will vary depending on which level you decided to complete, and how quickly you move between exercises.

Challenge yourself to get in as many reps as possible with good form, and aim for a total workout time of 30-60 Minutes today. The second video in today’s workout is a combination of isotonic and isometric exercises. It will provide a versatile challenge for your body that will help increase muscle endurance and strength. You may find that you are surprised by which exercises you find the most challenging!
static dynamic plank

Remember, your core is the foundation of your strength. It will support your posture and help improve your strength and form for all other exercises.

static dynamic updog

Have fun with the workout and let me know how you did for total workout time! You can check in on Instagram or Twitter: @BenderFitness or on Facebook:


PS You can do 1 round of each workout and add cardio of choice to hit your goal workout time, or repeat the videos until you are between 30-60 Minutes of total workout time.

Interval Timer: 10 Rounds of 10/50

1. Supergirl Heel Tap (right)
2. Supergirl Heel Tap (left)
3. Hip Lift
4. Rock the Boat
5. Twisting Knee Drop Plank
6. Temple Tap Abs
7. Side Plank Leg Lift (right)
8. Side Plank Leg Lift (left)
9. Toe Tap Crunch
10. Ab Wringer

Repeat 1-3X

Beginner: 10 reps, 30 seconds static exercises
Intermediate: 15 reps, 45 seconds
Advanced: 20 reps, 60 seconds

1. Burpees
2. 1 Minute Plank
3. Angel Abs
4. Reverse Plank
5. Tricep Dips
6. Extended Supine Stretch
7. V-Up with Hip Lift
8. Left Side Oblique Plank 
9. Left Hip Drop
10. Right Oblique Plank
11. Right Hip Drop
12. Up Dog
13. Dive Bombers
14. Flat Back
15. Prone Heel Taps
16. Burpees

Repeat 1-3X









2 thoughts on “Fit & Healthy Workout Challenge: Day 22: Core Burn Ab Torcher Workout

  1. Vikki

    This is my favorite ab routine. I come back to this at least one time a week as an addition to one of my other workouts. I love the burn!!

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