Fit & Healthy 2016 Challenge

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Hi Everyone!

I love starting out the New Year with a challenge! It may be a little bit cliché, but people have great motivation at the start of the year & you should take advantage of that! There are naysayers that claim no one achieves their New Year’s Resolutions, but that isn’t true! You can achieve anything you set your mind to this year. You just have to do it with determination & consistency.

My first challenge of the year is a DietBet Weight Loss Challenge. You can sign up here:

What you Need to Know: The challenge is to lose 4% of your body weight (as long as that keeps you in a healthy BMI!) over the course of 30 days. How do you figure out how much 4% is? Multiple your current weight by .04 and that is your weight loss goal. For a 150 pound person that is 6 pounds, for a 200 pound person that is 8 pounds. 
To join the game there is a $30 investment (my workouts, as always, will continue to be free, but research has shown that people are more committed to achieving their weightless goals when money is involved!) If you achieve your goals you get your money back, plus split the jackpot! Everyone’s $30 is put in a jackpot and split by all players who achieve their goal. 
What do you win?
If you achieve your goal you win money! At a minimum you get your $30 investment back, plus you split the pot with the other winners. I will also be adding some surprise prizes throughout the game! One of the Bonus Prize winner’s goes to whoever invites the most friends to the game, so if you know anyone else with a weight loss goal this year invite them to join!


Some fun facts about DietBet:
96% of players who DietBet lose weight, and the average loss is 6.3 lbs. 
Dietbetting is a fun social media game, and you are welcome to join if you are over 18. 
As of July 1st, players have lost over 1.3 million pounds by competing in DietBet games. 
My DietBet will run from Sunday January 3rd-January 31st. Workouts, and healthy eating tips will be posted in the game and here on my blog.  Are you going to join me?


Dave’s Results from my first DietBet Challenge
12 pounds lost.
The signs are a way to prevent cheating in the game. 

I look forward to seeing everyone’s success! If you have questions about the game let me know! I will be posing more diet samples & ideas in the game, and I will be sharing all of the workouts here on my blog.

Have fun & good luck!

PS Here are links to 6-Different 30-Day Challenges if you can’t wait until Sunday to get started:

Please read my full disclosure statement here. I am being compensated for hosting this DietBet challenge. I would not host this challenge (regardless of compensation) if it wasn’t a program that I believed to be helpful in assisting people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. In the past I have competed in this challenge as well as hosting the challenge. I will not be competing this time around because I am pregnant so weight loss is not on my agenda, but I will be supporting all participations to achieve their goals along the way. I do not promote any products or sites that I do not/will not personally use. 

6 thoughts on “Fit & Healthy 2016 Challenge

  1. Can we still have access to the challenge even if we’re not doing the DietBet? I’m currently thinking it over but would love to be able to do the challenge either way! 🙂

  2. Jill

    I just signed up and I’m excited for the extra motivation that betting on my weight loss will add, plus I want to contribute to you and your cause because you are my number one source of workout motivation!! I did have one question about inviting friends. How do you know which people were invited by others? Is there a special link that I should send? I have a few friends that I think might be interested 🙂

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