Yoga Flow Workout: Lean Stretch Fat Burn

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Hi Everyone!

It’s been a busy week, with some tough workouts. It’s time to stretch it out with a Yoga Flow. So far this week our workout schedule has been:

Sunday: I did an 8-Mile Run Outside.

Monday: 15 Minute Flab-u-less Arm Workout with Cardio Fat Burn

Tuesday: 15 Minute Cardio HIIT All Over Fat Burn Workout & Thigh Sculpt

Wednesday: 15 Minute Sculpted Body Home Workout with Dumbbells

Thursday: Today is a Yoga Flow.

This flow is short, about 20 minutes, but it can be repeated. Yoga is all about balance, so this workout helps tone and strengthen your entire body. Maintaining flexibility in your muscles and joints helps relieve pain and prevent injury.

yoga flow pic

Here are some other Yoga Flows you might enjoy: Yoga Flows. Have fun with today’s workout! Yesterday we had a celebration dinner for my sister finishing her last ever college course, and tonight we are going to the newest Star Wars movie premiere. Friday is Jesse’s birthday, but we are planning on filming this weekend. It has been crazy hectic lately, which I will be writing more about, but there ARE new workouts headed your way! We just haven’t had time to film them yet!

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See you soon!




2 thoughts on “Yoga Flow Workout: Lean Stretch Fat Burn

  1. Tiffany

    I just got into a car accident and don’t have any serious injuries except an abrasion from the seatbelt, some bruised wrists, and a bit of whiplash. What workouts would you suggest while healing?

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