20-Minute Tummy Toner Workout

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Hi Everyone!

We are halfway through another week! Hopefully you are feeling good and enjoy this week’s workouts.

Monday: 21-Minute HIIT: Full Body Workout

Tuesday: Full Body Bender Boot Camp at Home

Wednesday: Today’s Workout: 20-Minute Tummy Toner Workout

Today’s workout is a combination of cardio fat burning and moves to strengthen and shape all of the muscles that make up your core. Core strength also improves your posture, alignment and improves the integrity of your hip and knee joints.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout! Have fun with it and tag me in your photos on Instagram or Twitter!


PS You can also find me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Jesse has also been posting Sneak Peek workout videos on his Instagram account (@BenderCrosby1) and I am: @BenderFitness

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Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Set your Interval Timer for 15 rounds of 30/50 seconds. 

1. Plank Knee to Heel Press (right)
2. Plank Knee to Heel Press (left)
3. Boat Reach Kick
4. Side Plank Hip Lift (right)
5. Side Plank Hip Lift (left)
6. Balanced Crunch
7. Balanced Bicycle
8. Cross Donkey Kick
9. Side Plank Reach Through (right)
10. Side Plank Reach Through (left)
11. Pendulum Abs
12. Walking Pushups
13. Scissor Leg Lift
14. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
15. Knee Cross Side Plank

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30 minutes of cardio.


Plank Knee to Heel Press
Balanced Boat Reach & Kick
Hip Lift
Extended Crunch
Balanced Bicycle
Donkey Kick Cross
Side Plank Reach Through
Pendulum Abs
Scissor Leg Lift Part 1
Scissor Leg Lift Part 2
Reverse Plank Leg Lift
Knee Cross Side Plank Part 1
Knee Cross Side Plank Part 2










4 thoughts on “20-Minute Tummy Toner Workout

  1. Christina

    HI Melissa

    I love your workout:-)

    Is it okay to do 2 different tummy workouts after eachother or is it better to do the same twice?

    I have a little tummy that I want to say goodbye to:-)

    I do tummy work(fat burn /HIIT) out 3-4 times a week . 30-45 minutes each time. The other days I do glutes workouts

    I eat healthy, try to avoid light bread, sugar etc, but I’m not fanatic (In weekends it’s allow:-))

    How long time will it normally takes before you see results of your effort?



    • benderfitness

      Hi Christina, It’s fine to combine the workouts. 🙂 Every person is different, but you can usually see changes within 2-weeks to a month. Some people notice results even faster. It sounds like you are on the right track with diet and workouts, so you will see results pretty quickly!

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